Rate of Employee Turnover- 6c

When employees leave MoDOT, the department loses a large investment in recruiting, hiring and training its workforce.

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Beth Ring
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Lori Hogue
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Write Up:

When employees leave MoDOT, the department loses a large investment in recruiting, hiring and training its workforce. While some turnover is natural, MoDOT's goal is to retain an engaged workforce that has the knowledge and specialized skills to deliver the department’s commitments and provide outstanding customer service.

The overall turnover rate has increased from 12.57% in fiscal year 2020 to 13.16% for FY 2021. There were decreases in retirements and releases, with an increase in resignations. While the FY 2021 target was 347 or fewer resignations specifically, there were 406 actual resignations for the fiscal year.     

As part of MoDOT’s strategic initiatives and pay strategy, the department will continue to look for opportunities to reduce the rate of employee turnover. In addition to the video prepared to educate potential candidates about maintenance workers, MoDOT has also created a video for the engineering field.  This is in addition to participating in a variety of different recruiting events in order to attract quality candidates.  Retention efforts include the implementation of the ENGAGE 2.0 system, which includes providing employee expectations, evaluations and upward feedback for supervisors.  This, combined with the onboarding survey data, will provide valuable information on how MoDOT can develop strategies on improving the organization.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Purpose of the Measure:

This measure tracks the percent of employees who leave MoDOT. Turnover rates as shown in this measure include voluntary and involuntary separations.

Measurement and Data Collection:

The data is collected statewide from the SAM II Advantage HR system and includes only salaried employees. Voluntary turnover includes resignations and retirements. Involuntary turnover reflects dismissals. Data is reported quarterly, with current year-to-date data included. Stretch goal is derived from Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Saratoga Institute benchmark data.

The target for this measure was set by management directive.