Planned Events on State Roads

Planned Event Tips


There are a lot of activities which take place around the St. Louis region which may impact the state roadway system (basically any roadway that is known by a number or letter). This may include road or ramp closures for parades, cycling events, festivals or other events.

Here are some tips for people who are coordinating or planning those events which may have some impact on state roads:

  1. Fill out the appropriate Planned Event Application, based on your location.  This form should be filled out no more than six months before the event, and no less than two weeks before the event.  This lets MoDOT evaluate the impact of traffic on previously scheduled construction and maintenance work.
    1. For events in St. Louis City, please fill out the St. Louis City planned event form.
    2. Planned Event Application (St. Charles, Jefferson, Franklin, St Louis counties only)
  2. As a reminder, the event sponsor is completely responsible for the cost of renting, putting up or removing, any traffic control devices needed to close a state roadway.
  3. When complete, St. Louis City applications may be submitted to the City Event Team ; all other applications can be e-mailed to MoDOT or faxed to (573) 522-6491.