Perform Subcontracting Work

MoDOT is required to pre-qualify prime contractors as outlined in 7 CSR 10-15Therefore, a contractor that is an approved MoDOT prime contractor is also qualified to work as a subcontractor.

MoDOT maintains a listing of subcontractors that are approved for use on Commission contracts as a convenience to the contracting community.  Please see the approved list of subcontractors at this page:  


MoDOT Subcontractor Requirements

If a company is not on the approved list of subcontractors the following information needs to be submitted for review and approval, if planning to work in sub-contracting opportunities with prime contractors awarded contracts.

  • A letter or email requesting to become a MoDOT subcontractor.  Include your company’s address, telephone number, email address, company officers, and the type of work your company performs
  • Secretary of State registration - A copy of your Certificate of Good Standing or proof of registration with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.  Link: Secretary of State
  • Transient CertificateOut-of-state employers must submit a copy of their Transient Employer Notice of Registration, or a copy of their exempt letter.  This is issued by the Department of Revenue.  Link: Department of Revenue

Note: Specifications permit the prime contractor to utilize approved subcontractors to perform up to 60 percent of the work under subcontract agreement. The Commission is not a party to subcontract agreements, but subcontracting portions of the work requires written consent from MoDOT.

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