Percent of Local Program Funds Committed to Projects -6g

Just as MoDOT receives federal funds for state projects, MoDOT is also required to pass federal funds to local agencies, such as cities and counties, for local agency projects.

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Write Up:

Local agencies receive federal funds to invest in improving the local infrastructure and share in the cost of those projects by providing a 20% local match. To keep federal funds coming to Missouri, all federal funds received each year must be committed to projects. If the available funds are not fully committed, then the funds are at risk of being rescinded, which jeopardizes the ability to receive more federal funds to deliver more projects. 

For federal fiscal year 2020, local agencies received $126 million for local transportation projects bringing their total balance available to invest to $214.7 million. In second quarter FFY 2020, 18% ($38.5 million) of the available funds has been committed to local projects. This is a 1% increase in commitments compared to second quarter FFY 2019. 

Purpose of the Measure:

MoDOT is required to share federal funds with local agencies for transportation projects. This measure tracks the percent of available local program funds committed to projects. 

Measurement and Data Collection:

The data is obtained from the Federal Highway Administration’s Fiscal Management Information System and based on the federal fiscal year from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. The committed amounts represent federal funds obligated for projects. The available amounts represent the federal program funds distributed to local sponsors plus any previous year balance. The desire is to invest all federal funds available to local public projects each year.

The target for this measure is set by internal policy and will not change unless policy changes, regardless of performance.