Consultant Pre-Qualification Status Review

Consulting Partners,

In reviewing consultants Pre-Qualifications status for the 2023 MoDOT On-Call consultants selection process it’s come to my attention MANY consultants are near expiration, expired, or missing pre-qualification area’s required for on-call categories (Bridge Forms) in at least 1 area of the prequalification process.

For the On-Call process, as long as your firm has a current Annual Consultant Prequalification (Steps 1-3) and are at least “Pending” in the Financial Pre-qual you are considered responsive. 

However, many firms are near expiration of their Annual (Steps 1-3), are missing or have expired bridge forms (who have submitted for bridge categories), or are expired for their LPA Basic Training (Not applicable for MoDOT On-Call but needed for the LPA On-Call).

Please review your firms Pre-Qualification status on the MoDOT Pre-Qual List & take steps necessary to address any areas of the pre-qualification process needed.

If you have any questions, please email

FYI – I may not be able to respond immediately but will address, update, or correct the Pre-Qual list as soon as I can & contact you as needed.  Please include supporting documentation in your email to me for updates or corrections.



Jeff Cremer

Professional Services Coordinator

MoDOT - Design 

Phone: (573) 751-3705