Flooding Damage and Recovery: Repair contracts awarded

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded two more contracts today for flood recovery efforts in Buchanan and Gentry counties. These are in addition to the contracts awarded previously for repairs on U.S. Routes 159 and 136 along with Route 118

Both contracts were awarded to H.B. Construction, Inc. of Platte City.

  • Repairs to the Grand River Bridge on Route A in Gentry County in the amount of $119,319.60
  • Debris removal on Route H in Buchanan County between Route FF and the Platte River near Agency in the amount of $168,050

Additonal emergency contracts will follow including Route 111 in Atchison and Holt counties, Route 41 in Carroll County, and many lettered routes.  There are still roadways under water, some with rushing water, which limits our ability to assess damage. As waters recede and damages are determined, those repairs will be contracted as well.

Once the new rock and fill material on these routes has a chance to settle out, more permanent repairs will follow up these emergency contracts. Those permanent repairs should take place next year.

Previously awarded:

  • U.S. Route 159 (Holt County) debris removal and roadway and shoulder repairs from one mile east of Route P near Fortescue to the Missouri River Bridge (crews began work April 29)
  • U.S. Route 136 (Atchison County) debris removal and roadway and shoulder repairs from Interstate 29 to the Missouri River Bridge
  • Route 118 (Holt County) debris removal and roadway and shoulder repairs from Route 111 to the bridge over Little Takrio Creek
  • U.S. Route 159 (Holt County) bridge replacement of the Little Tarkio Creek Bridge near Fortescue

Northwest Missouri flooding began in March 2019 and the damage it inflicted on the region’s infrastructure has been felt by communities along the Missouri River basin. In some places, water remains over roadways months later. As floodwaters recede, damage to roadways, bridges, residual debris, hazardous materials and drainage issues have been left in their wake and must be addressed so full mobility may be restored across the region.

To keep up to date on the progress on the roadway recovery projects by both MoDOT and our contractors, please visit the NW Missouri Flooding page.  Simply go to the map, click on the highlighted route you are interested in, and it will give you up to date information on plans and progress.  The web page also has pictures of the damage and repair efforts.



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