Counties Impacted
Project Status
Planning Phase
Route Impacted
Missouri Route 59

Project Facts:

  • Stabilize stream bank along Elk River on Route 59 between Elk River bridge and Butler Creek bridge
  • Add sidewalks and improve pedestrian areas along same stretch of Route 59
  • Construction to begin in 2023
  • Project completion may extend into 2024 

Estimated Start of Construction: 2023

Estimated Total Cost: $2.1 million 


Traffic Impacts

  • One lane of Route 59 OPEN at all times
  • Traffic controlled by temporary signals which will be removed when project completed
  • All lanes OPEN to traffic if construction pauses for longer than two (2) weeks

 Roadway Facts:

  • Approximately 4,500 vehicles travel this stretch of Route 59 each day
  • Traffic consists of poultry trucks, tourism, local traffic and significant pedestrian traffic
  • Sidewalk improvements  include upgrading railing on Butler Creek bridge to  physically separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic


Project Updates