Counties Impacted
St. Louis City
Route Impacted
Work Type
Pavement Resurfacing
Planning Phase

Project timeline

In Progress
Road Safety Audit site visit

MoDOT and its partners walk along the corridor to assess and document any current traffic trends and roadway conditions.

Community and Focus Group Meeting #1

MoDOT and its partners will meet with an invited group of individuals  (a focus group) to discuss the corridor and potential issues that they observe. In addition, the department will listen to concerns from the public in a community meeting.

In Progress
Conceptual development

With the information gathered from the site visit and the focus group, the design team will start developing some initial plans.

Focus Group meeting #2

The department meets with interested stakeholders to get feedback on it's evaluations of the corridor and some insight on possible solutions proposed for the corridor.  

In Progress
Community Meeting #2

The department will share potential safety solutions. 

Not Started
Focus Group Meeting #3

Once some of the initial designs have been determined, the department will once again talk with a select group of stakeholders to verify that these concepts are in line with the vision that the community has shared.

Not Started
Final Road Safety Audit completed


From the information gathered during the focus groups and the two community meetings, the initial conceptual plans will be modified and finalized.

Not Started
Community meeting #3

A third community meeting will share the final plans for the corridor.

Not Started
Construction begins

Construction on this project is slated to begin in late 2025, at this time.


What’s currently underway:

MoDOT implemented a temporary demonstration on Manchester between March 1 and March 14, sharing some potential safety options that can be included in the project on Manchester in the city. One of these demonstrations is set up at Manchester and Knox/Sproule. The other is set up near the Ameren entrance on Chouteau, just west of 18th Street. Department engineers are encouraging people who use the roadway to visit these demonstration areas and share their insights of what they like and didn’t like about the options.

As a part of the current road safety audit, the department is currently reaching out through a March 7 public meeting with the same information shared on-line to provide residents and roadway users some insights on other potential options for the corridor, as well as their potential benefits and impacts. The information gathered during this meeting will be combined with information gathered during a previous meeting and two focus groups to develop a conceptual plan for the corridor. That plan will be presented in a public meeting later this year. 

What is the situation?

In 2025, MoDOT is planning to resurface Route 100 (Manchester and Chouteau) in the city of St. Louis between I-55 and the city of St. Louis limits.  Since the department is early in the planning stages now, it is the best time to consider any potential safety improvements for the roadway, so MoDOT is evaluating the roadway using a Road Safety Audit. The purpose of the audit is to address roadway safety for all users through a collaborative and inclusive engagement with the community.

This is very similar to the process that is underway along Route D within the city limits.

The Road Safety Audit will:

  • Document and assess existing traffic trends and roadway conditions
  • Evaluate improvement alternatives to improve corridor safety for all users
  • Work collaboratively with the community to develop context-sensitive, community-supported designs that address community issues and needs.

The result of this study will include recommendations to incorporate into the project that will resurface the roadway, currently projected to start in 2025.

What are MoDOT’s responsibilities on Route 100?

MoDOT has a maintenance agreement with the city of St. Louis for certain roads within the city limits. MoDOT is responsible for maintaining signals, signs, striping, sweeping and pavement maintenance on Route 100. St. Louis City retains ownership and responsibility for everything else. During this process, MoDOT will work with the city of St. Louis to evaluate and consider other safety improvements outside of the above maintenance responsibilities.

For concerns beyond MoDOT’s responsibility, please contact the city of St. Louis citizens service bureau at 314-622-4800.

Project Timeline

September 2023  Project start
September 2023  Initial Road Safety Audit site visit
Fall 2023/winter 2024  First community meeting and first focus group
Winter - summer 2024  Development of improvement alternatives
Winter 2024 Second focus group
Spring 2024 Safety demonstration to test proposed improvements
Spring 2024  Third focus group to evaluate draft recommendations
Summer/fall 2024  Final community meeting to discuss final recommendations
2025  Road resurfacing project starts


Project contacts

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Jennifer Wade
Jennifer Wade, P.E.
Area Engineer, city of St. Louis
St. Louis District
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Phone: (314) 624-7462


St. Louis Customer Service
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Phone 314-275-1500 or 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636)