About the MidMO ADA Project

Project Update - 03/18/2021

The Mid MO ADA Design-Build Project was postponed in April, 2020 due to anticipated loss of MoDOT’s fuel tax revenue as a result of the national shutdown of businesses surrounding the national pandemic. The project has now been re-evaluated and several locations added, including sites in the Northwest District, significantly increasing the scope of the project. Our team is currently evaluating risks at these new locations. 

We plan to re-advertise this project in late spring to early summer. Additional details, timelines and updates will be posted on this web page and sent to all contractors and consultants that have contacted or submitted documents to the Mid-MO ADA team in the past. If you have any questions or would like to be added to our contact list, please email us at midmoada@modot.mo.gov


The purpose of the Central District ADA Design Build project is to complete the current ADA Transition plan in the Central and Northwest Districts and bring the remaining locations into ADA compliance. The procurement process is expected to begin in the spring or summer, 2021. One team will be selected to design and construct the project. 

Project Goals

  1. Deliver the project within the program budget of $23.1 million
  2. Bring designated pedestrian facilities into ADA compliance
  3. Use innovation to maximize improvements that provide long-lasting and safe pedestrian facilities
  4. Safely deliver a project that minimizes and mitigates construction impacts through construction staging and communication efforts
  5. Complete the project no later than December 1, 2023

Contact Us

For more information, please email the MidMo ADA team at MidMOADA@modot.mo.gov or call Project Director Chris Brownell at 573-526-4477.

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Download the Google Earth Map

View all locations and details from the convenient Google Earth Map. Just download the file by clicking the link below. If you have any issues, please email midmoada@modot.mo.gov

Download the Google Earth File


County City Location From To
Boone Ashland M Chico Drive Main Street
Columbia Route 763 (Rangeline Street) 70' N of Elleta Blvd. 250' S of Vandiver Drive
Route AC (Grindstone Parkway) Old Route K 330' W of Falling Leaf Lane
Business Loop 70 I-70 Drive SW Roundabout 200' W of Old U.S. Route 63
Route PP (Clark Lane) 170' E of I-70 Connector 310' E of Woodland Springs Court
Route 163 (Providence Road)

Various Intersections: Vandiver Drive; Business Loop 70; Stadium Blvd.; 
Mick Deaver Memorial Drive; Green Meadows Road; Southampton Drive; 
Route K

Route 740 (Stadium Blvd) Various Intersections: I-70/Rt 740 Interchange N ramp terminal; I-70/Rt 740 Interchange S ramp terminal; I-70 Drive SW; Bernadette Drive; Worley Street; Ash Street; Broadway; Rollins Road, College Park Drive; Forum Blvd.; Tiger Avenue/Mick Deaver Memorial Drive; Monk Drive/Champions Drive; College Avenue/Rock Quarry Road; Ashland Road; Audubon Drive/Pointe Drive
Hallsville Route 124 (West of Route B/OO Intersection) Sidewalk connection to school parking lot Bertie Avenue
Route B Kathryn Durk Drive Route 124
Route 124 Route B Fairview Street
Harrisburg Route 124 Whilhite Street Church Entrance
Route J Private Drive Midblock Crossing
Camden Osage Beach Business Route 54 (West Osage Beach Parkway) Case Road Intersection
350' SW of Jeffries Road Route 54 Expressway
Carrol Bosworth Route M (South Street/Kansas Avenue) Conger Avenue Market Street
Route 139 (Missouri Avenue) Kansas Avenue Virginia Street
Hale Route 139 (Main Street) 115' N of 7th Street 6th Street
Norborne Route D (Pine Street/2nd Street) 75' N of Dietrich Street Route 10 (Elizabeth Street)
Chariton Menden Route CC (Main Street/Commercial Street) Felt Street 45' S of 5th Street
Rothville Route E (Main Street) South Street 1730' E of Township Road
Sumner  Route EE (Main Street/Centre Street) 113' W of Walnut Street Route 139
Cole Jefferson City Business Route 50 (Missouri Blvd.) W entrance of Wildwood Crossing Wildwood Drive
Howard Street MoDOT Drive
Bolivar Street Bridge Route 50 S Right of Way Line 80' N of the Route 50 N Right of Way Line
Main Street Bridge Route 54 W Right of Way Line Route 54 E Right of Way Line
High Street Bridge Route 54 W Right of Way Line Route 54 E Right of Way Line
U.S. Route 50 (Whitton Expressway) N Right of Way Line at Broadway Intersection S Right of Way Line at Broadway Intersection
N Right of Way Line at Jefferson Intersection S Right of Way Line at Jefferson Intersection
N Right of Way Line at Madison Intersection S Right of Way Line at Madison Intersection
N Right of Way Line at Monroe Intersection S Right of Way Line at Monroe Intersection
Taos Route M Firehouse Lane N End of Sidewalk
Wardsville Route W 315' N of Almarie Court 70' N of Churchview Heights
Cooper Lone Elm Route B Cemetary Church Entrance
Crawford Bourbon Route N Olive Street Pine Street
Dent Salem Route 32-72 (Scenic Riverside Blvd.) Missouri Avenue Carty Street
Route 19 (Main Street) Iron Street Route 32-72
Gasconade Bland Route A Lyford Street Route A/Colorado Avenue
Hermann Route 19 First Street Fifth Street
Route 100 Market Street Gutenberg Street
Rosebud Route T Rosebud Avenue 240' S of Red Oak Avenue
Laclede Lebanon Route 5 Adams Avenue 150' S of Route 64
Route 64 Bennett Avenue Route 5
Howard Armstrong Route 3 (Central Street)

470' N of Seminary Street

Seminary Street
Route V (Harvey Street) 30' West of Evans Street Evans Street
Fayette Route 5 (Cleveland Street) 190' W of Besgrove Street Herndon Street
Glasgow Route 5 (Union Street) 130' S of Orchard Drive Kuemmel Park Drive
Roanoke Route 129 725' W of Route 3 530' W of Route 3
Route 3 115' N of Route 129 Route 129
Maries Vienna Route 42 (5th Street) Coffey Street 500' E of Chestnut 
Miller Osage Beach Route 42E At School of the Osage  
St. Elizabeth Route 52 Walnut Street Cherry Street
Tuscumbia Route 52 High Street 190' E of Warren Street
Moniteau California Route 87 Main Street Business 50/Buchanan St.
Tipton Route B Howard Street Walnut Street
  Route 50 Park Avenue Randolph Street
Morgan Stover Route 135 1st Street 3rd Street
Syracuse Route 50 Washington Street Flora Road
Osage Frankenstein Route C 570' NW of County Road 423 160' NW of County Road 423
Phelps Rolla Route 72 Route 63 Mobile Home park Entrance
St. James Route KK Seymour Street Wishon Street
Pulaski Dixon Route 28 (Ellen Street) Chestnut Street A Street
Richland Route 7 Route A Pine Street
St. Robert Eastbound Business 44 Plattner Avenue 385' W of J.H. Williamson Drive
Westbound Business 44  I-44 Spur (Missouri Avenue) Crosswalk at W end of MoDOT
Maintenance Facility 
I-44 Spur (Missouri Avenue) Route Z Property line of Fort Leonard
Wood Military Reservation
Route Z I-44 Spur (Missouri Avenue) Trail Chief Avenue
Waynesville Route 17 (Old Route 66) Park Avenue Benton Street
Washington Potosi Route E Hickory Street Route 8



Through innovation and cost-saving measures, additional locations have been identified as potential add-ons. The design-build contractor will have the opportunity to select from this list to add potential value to the project. This list has been prioritized. 

County City Route Location Added value
Boone Columbia Route PP (Clark Lane) Intersection of Clark Lane and 
Creekwood Parkway
Install sidewalk and APS
Route 763 (Rangeline Street) Intersection of Rangeline Street and Vandiver Drive Install sidewalk and APS
Dent Salem Route 32/72 (Scenic Rivers Blvd.) Intersection of Scenic Rivers Blvd. & Route 19 (Main Street) Install sidewalk, crosswalks and APS
Camden Osage Beach Business Route 54 (Osage Beach Pkwy.) Intersection of Osage Beach Pkway. and Jeffries Road Install crosswalk and APS
Boone Columbia Business Loop 70 Intersection of Business Loop 70 and Garth Avenue Install APS
Intersection of Business Loop 70 and Rangeline Street Install APS
Miller Osage Beach Route 42 Intersection of Route 42 and School of the Osage Install APS
Boone Columbia Route AC (Nifong/Grindstone) Several intersections along Nifong & Grindstone: Buttonwood Drive,
Green Meadows/State Farm Pkwy., Grindstone Plaza Drive, Rock Quarry
Road, Bearfield Road, and Bluff Creek Drive. 
Install APS
South side of Nifong Blvd. from approximately 185' E of Hyde Park Avenue
to the State Farm Pkwy. intersection. 
Install sidewalk
South side of Grindstone Pkwy. from the State Farm Pkwy. intersection
to approximately 485' W of Norfleet Drive. 
Install sidewalk
North side of Grindstone Pkwy. from the Grindstone Plaza Drive intersection 
to approximately 530' W of Rock Quarry Road. 
Install sidewalk
Business Loop 70 Intersection of Business Loop 70 and Garth Avenue Install APS
Intersection of Business Loop 70 and Rangeline Street Install APS
Route 740 (Stadium Blvd.) Several intersections along Stadium Blvd.: WB I-70 ramp terminal; EB I-70 ramp terminal; Bernadette Dr.; Worley St.; Ash St.; Broadway; Rollins Rd.; College park Dr.; Forum Blvd.; Tiger Avenue/Mick Deaver Memorial Dr.; Monk Dr./Champions Dr.; Route 763 (College Ave/Rock Quarry Dr.); Ashland Rd.; Audubon Dr./Point Dr.; NB Route 63 ramp terminal; Cinnamon Hill Ln/Maguire Blvd. Install APS
South side of Stadium Blvd. from 545' E of Audubon Drive/Point Drive to the NB Route 63 ramp terminal Install sidewalk, crosswalks and APS
Cole Jefferson City Route 50 (Whitton Expwy.) Several intersections along Whitton Expwy: Broadway; Jefferson St.; Madison St.; Monroe St. Install APS
Pulaski St. Robert I-44 Spur (Missouri Avenue) Several intersections along Missouri Avenue: BUS Looop 44/Route Z; Eastlawn Ave./J.H. Williamson Dr.; Bosa Dr./VFW Memorial Dr.; Gateway Circle Install APS
Laclede Lebanon Route 5 (Jefferson Avenue/7th Street) Intersection of Jefferson Avenue and 7th Street Install APS
Phelps Rolla Route 72 Several intersections along Route 72: Route 63 (Bishop Ave.); Rolla St.; Salem Ave./New Castle Dr.; Pine Tree Rd./Route O(Lecoma Rd.) Install APS
Dent Salem Route 32 (Scenic Rivers Blvd.) Two intersections of Scenic Rivers Blvd: Route HH (Macarthur Ave.) and Warfel St./Doss Rd. Install APS


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