Hit A Worker (Lyndon's Law)

  • In 2019, House Bill 499, also known as “Lyndon’s Law”, was passed by legislators and signed by Governor Mike Parson. This bill authorizes the Missouri Department of Revenue to revoke the driver’s license of anyone who strikes a highway or utility worker in a work zone or an emergency responder in an emergency zone.
  • This bill is a tribute to Lyndon Ebker, a 30-year employee of the Missouri Department of Transportation, who was struck and killed while working in a Franklin County work zone by an inattentive motorist in 2016.
  • Missouri highway, utility workers, and emergency responders will be safer as a result of legislation signed into law by Governor Mike Parson.
  • The family of Lyndon Ebker had lobbied the Missouri Legislature for passage of the law, and it was a top priority of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.
  • Between the White Lines was created in January 2020 by Lyndon’s daughter, Nicole Herbel, and is a non-profit that raises awareness for the safety of highway workers. The organization uses social media to share best practices for driving safety and personal testimonies from people that work on the highways.  For more information about Between the White Lines, please visit their Facebook page.