Champ Clark Bridge Design

A new Champ Clark Bridge will be design and constructed using the design-build procurement method.  The following link explains the design-build method:

For local resident or media inquiries, please contact Brian Haeffner , P.E., Area Engineer for MoDOT, or Marisa Ellison , M.B.C.,

Communications Manager for MoDOT.  The phone number is 573-248-2490 or 1-888-275-6636 (general customer service).  To reach the entire team, email

Champ Clark Bridge Team:  Keith Killen, P.E., Project Director, MoDOT; Brandi Baldwin, P.E., Deputy Project Director, MoDOT (now Resident Engineer overseeing construction of the project); Jay M. Wavering, P.E., Illinois Department of Transportation; Michael Baxter, P.E., MoDOT; Jeff Gander, P.E., MoDOT; Erik Kopinski, P.E., MoDOT