Counties Impacted
St. Louis
Project Status
Planning Phase

The Safety Improvements Project is being developed to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes in MoDOT’s St. Louis District for pedestrians and other roadway users. This project is a partnership between MoDOT and St. Louis County and will involve work on both state and county roads.


Project Milestones

Pre Industry Meeting
March 30, 2023
Not Started
Industry Meeting, Request for Qualifications, Shortlisting
July/August 2023



Not Started
Request for Proposals, One-on-One Meetings, Proposals Due
September to December 2023



Not Started
Award at MHTC Commission Meeting
Early 2024



Project Goals

  1. Reduce fatal and serious injury crashes within the budget of $49 million.
  2. Maximize safety improvements for pedestrians and roadway users distributed equitably across the project area.
  3. Provide improvements with reasonable maintenance and service life.
  4. Construct improvements with an emphasis on safety for workers and the traveling public.
  5. Deliver the project by June 30, 2026 using a diverse workforce.


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