Volume III, Issue II - July 2011

Bolder 5 Year Direction

On June 8, 2011, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission adopted a plan that will make MoDOT a smaller agency in order to direct funding towards needed road and bridge projects.

Legislation Relating to Outdoor Advertising

House Bill 430 - Governor Nixon vetoed HB 430 on July 8, 2011, which would have imposed various billboard standards to billboards during periods of construction, and would have created a new classification of conforming out of standard.  Since the Governor vetoed the bill, these provisions will not go into effect.

Senate Bill 77 - Governor Nixon signed SB 77 on July 11, 2011.  This expands the types of directional signs which may be erected and maintained to include signs pertaining to cultural (including agricultural activities or attractions), scientific, educational, and religious sites.  These provisions will go into effect on August 28, 2011

2011 Annual NAHBA Conference

The 2011 Annual Educational Conference on the Control of Outdoor Advertising will be held August 7 - 10 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Register online now, and view the proposed agenda along with other information relating to the conference.

Vegetation Permit

vegetation permit is required prior to cutting any vegetation on state right of way.  Accessing the vegetation from state right of way is strictly prohibited.

Nonconforming Signs

A nonconforming sign may be repaired; however, you may not repair or replace 50% or more of the vertical supports within a 12 month period (see 7 CSR 10-6.060).  All permit holders are encouraged to contact their respective ODA Specialist in writing prior to making any changes to a sign structure.