Virtual Memorial Wall

Here are the names of 139 MoDOT employees who have lost their lives while performing their duties for the citizens of Missouri, since 1932.  View biographical information by clicking on a name in the list.


Name END OF SERVICE District
Charles Eugene “Charlie” Toler 07/24/23 Southwest District
Anderson, Kaitlyn D. (Jaxx Jarvis) 11/18/21 St. Louis District
Brooks, James W. 11/18/21 St. Louis District
Crawford, Lloyd 06/28/21 Kansas City District
Perry, Brian "Keith" 07/26/17 Central District
Bloch, Christopher 01/31/17 Central District
Ebker, Lyndon D. 04/07/16 St. Louis District
Scott, Clifton 09/21/12 Kansas City District
Hays, Johnny 06/18/08 Southeast District
York, Mike 06/11/08 Kansas City  District
Slatten, Joshua 08/18/08 Southwest District
McBride, Jeffery 12/07/07 St. Louis District
Crain, William II 10/17/06 Southwest District
Hoierman, Ken 08/15/06 St. Louis District
Mayer, Bob 04/23/06 Northeast District
Eftink, Bob 04/07/06 Southeast District
Vanatta, Bert 11/15/04 Southwest District
Harmon, Rick 08/19/04 Southwest District
Love, Julie 07/22/04 Kansas City District
Baublitz, Karla F. 09/30/03 Southwest District
Pace, Duane D. 05/13/02 Central Office
Lizotte, Gerald T. 08/31/01 Central District
Keller, Marilyn J. 06/01/01 Kansas City District
Licklider, Larry C. 08/25/97 St. Louis District
Rogers, Charles 08/21/97 Southwest District
Miller, William D. 07/30/97 Northeast District
Walker, Arthur C. Jr. 07/11/97 Southwest District
Graham, Nicole 04/14/97 St. Louis District
Wieda, William 02/06/96 St. Louis District
Hayes, Dennis R. 09/14/95 Southeast District
Pfeifer, George F. 08/26/94 Northeast District
Smith, Jon W. 08/01/93 St. Louis District
Coleman, Gregory D. 02/05/93 Central Office
Mirts, Thomas C. 11/06/91 Central District
Ellington, Preston R. 04/18/91 Southwest District
Minton, James W 02/21/91 Southwest District
Farrenburg, Garry L. 10/11/90 Southeast District
Anderson, Howard K. 03/16/90 Kansas City District
Harris, Melvin J. 02/22/90 Kansas City District
Whited, George A. "Bud" 08/29/89 Southeast District
William M. Caldwell, Jr. 07/18/89 Kansas City District
Feth, Adolph Emil 09/28/88 St. Louis District
Lindsey, Donna L. 08/08/88 Northeast District
Carr, William Allen 05/13/88 St. Louis District
O'Neal, Wendal Ray 02/08/88 Northwest District
Washam, Terry Lynn 10/21/87 Southwest District
Munsterman, Randy J. 04/20/87 Northwest District
Graves, Larry E. 04/20/87 Northwest District
Walther, James R. 04/02/87 Central Office
Young, Everett S. 08/19/86 St. Louis District
Aydt, Robert R. 11/21/83 St. Louis District
Nail, Randy 09/04/80 St. Louis District
DeNatale, Charles 03/11/80 St. Louis District
Stiern, Gerald F. 03/11/80 St. Louis District
Johnson, Calvin U. Jr. 06/27/79 Kansas City District
George, Eugene 02/26/79 St. Louis District
Hughes, Joseph 01/13/79 Northwest District
Shields, Craig 09/19/78 Kansas City District
Kirby, Gary Dean 09/07/78 Kansas City District
Stretch, Otis N. 02/14/78 Northwest District
Snuffer, Thomas 09/13/76 Northwest District
Lene, Elmer Leon 08/19/76 Northeast District
Jones, Wesley 07/22/75 Southwest District
Carmichael, James 07/18/75 Northeast District
Schrum, Hueston 07/14/75 St. Louis District
Capps, Otis H. 06/30/75 St. Louis District
Tynes, Russell E. 05/22/75 Central Office
Bullock, Everett 02/18/75 Southwest District
Embrey, Joseph E. 12/13/74 Central District
Evans, Dennis C. 10/30/74 Southeast District
Taylor, Daniel 10/21/74 Kansas City District
Ramsey, Ivan 08/09/74 Northwest District
Menard, Pete 02/25/74 Southwest District
Limbocker, Devere 08/24/73 Kansas City District
Barks, Perry 08/07/73 St. Louis District
Simon, Leonard J. 07/16/73 St. Louis District
Cook, David W. 07/01/73 St. Louis District
Ingels, Clarence 06/21/73 Northwest District
Heyer, Ray Edward 10/13/71 Kansas City District
Roberts, Lawton 09/04/71 Northwest District
Leake, Danny 04/13/71 Northwest District
Mitchell, Sidney M. 02/03/71 Northwest District
Simmers, Harry 11/06/70 Kansas City District
Lewis, Marvin Lee 01/28/70 St. Louis District
Wyatt, Donald 10/06/69 Northwest District
Essary, Lefate 12/20/68 Central District
Trowbridge, Frederick 12/20/68 Central District
Bratton, Homer L. 10/25/68 Southeast District
Tanner, Hurshel 07/10/68 Southeast District
Chambers, Berle R. 06/05/68 Kansas City District
Schwartze, James A. 05/07/68 Central Office
Adkison, Claude 04/23/68 Northwest District
Reckentin, Robert 05/25/67 St. Louis District
Campbell, James 10/06/65 Southwest District
Hasbrouck, Kenneth 09/21/65 Northwest District
Holt, Paul C. 08/03/65 Southwest District
Mullins, Curtis J. 07/09/65 Southeast District
Murphy, Roy E. 01/05/65 Northwest District
Mosley, William D. 12/08/64 Central District
Suggs, Ellis 09/03/64 Southeast District
Schilb, Charles 07/31/64 Central District
Atchley, Paul 01/17/64 Southwest District
Grayson, Myrl 01/17/64 Southwest District
Foster, Clarence 08/20/63 Kansas City District
Saunders, Joseph 07/23/62 Kansas City District
Brannock, James R. 10/18/61 Southeast District
Baker, E. E. 10/29/60 Northwest District
Wohlgemuth, Henry 09/02/60 Kansas City District
Houston, Joe W. 11/05/59 Northwest District
Jefferson, Cecil H. 10/19/59 Central Office
Glen, James H. 06/24/59 Central District
Hall, Wayne 02/13/59 Central District
Mather, John R. 10/30/58 Kansas City District
Passley, William 09/04/58 Southwest District
Rhoad, Cleo 02/18/58 Northwest District
Cudworth, Irvin C. 10/27/57 Southeast District
Doyle, Elyod 10/10/57 Northeast District
Underwood, Silas 09/05/56 Southeast District
Land, Lloyd M. 06/19/56 Northwest District
Robertson, Roy A. 07/20/56 St. Louis District
Barnes, Wilbur 08/18/55 Central District
Goode, Archie 04/07/55 Southeast District
Resch, Roland 08/26/54 St. Louis District
Gordon, Arthur 08/17/54 St. Louis District
Walker, William 06/12/54 Northeast District
Ehlmann, Theodore 06/07/53 St. Louis District
Davis, Harry S. 11/14/50 Central District
Hawkins, John C. 11/08/50 Southwest District
Ash, Floyd 09/02/50 Kansas City District
Beckman, Henry 07/07/50 Northeast District
Tallman, Lowell Eugene 10/06/49 Northeast District
Hesse, Harold 10/06/49 Northeast District
Hall, Leroy A. 04/19/49 Kansas City District
Camden, Garth K. 10/06/48 Kansas City District
Glosemeyer, August 05/10/46 St. Louis District
Mumy, Cal M. 02/13/46 Southwest District
Burrow, Minton 1944 Kansas City District
Schooler, Milo E. 02/27/39 Southwest District
Allman, John P. 07/28/32 Southwest District