Counties Impacted
Route Impacted
Work Type
Intersection Improvements

Project Facts:

  • Route 65 southbound turn lane improvements at Busiek Road

  • Install offset right turn lanes and extended left turn lane on Route 65 at Christian County Routes A & BB

  • Curve improvements on Route 65 near Saddlebrook

  • Install Route 65 southbound acceleration lane at Brookside Drive

  • Install Route 65 southbound offset right turn lane at Route 176 West

  • Correct superelevation on Route 65 southbound between Route 176 West and Route 176 East

  • Install Route 65 northbound offset right turn lane at Route 176 East

  • High friction surface treatment on Route 65 near Sawmill Road, Woods Fork Road and Route 160

  • New guardrail installed at several locations

Construction: 2022

Estimated total project cost: $?? million

Traffic Impacts:

  • Narrowed lanes and lane closings on Route 65 at times

  • During the intersection work, turn lanes may be closed at times

  • Intersection medians on Route 65 may be closed at times

Project Updates