Counties Impacted
Project Status
Planning Phase
Route Impacted
U.S. Route 65

Project Milestones

Project letting

This project let in Spring 2020. 

Construction underway

While the northbound bridge was repaired both lanes on the northbound bridge were closed and traffic was reduced to one lane both directions on the southbound bridge.

MoDOT plans to have the northbound bridge at the beginning of August and closed both lanes on the southbound bridge for deck replacement and repairs.

Beginning Aug. 12, both lanes will be closed on the southbound bridge and traffic will be reduced to one lane in both directions on the northbound bridge.

Completion date

This project was completed in November 2020.

About the Project

Construction is scheduled to start late spring of 2020. The goal is to construct the median crossover and repair the northbound bridge by mid-August so that all lanes of U.S. 65 will be open during the Missouri State Fair. Construction of the southbound bridge is scheduled for late August to early December of 2020. Touch up work, including seeding and paint, may occur spring of 2021. This project cost, including engineering, has an estimated cost of $3.2 million.

Traffic Impacts

One lane of U.S. 65 will be open in both directions during construction. Head to head traffic using median crossovers will be installed so that one bridge will be fixed at a time. Some nearby driveways may only be able to make a right turn during construction. 

The northbound bridge will be constructed first.