Counties Impacted
St. Louis
St. Charles
Project Status
Planning Phase

What is the problem?

Northbound lanes of Route 67 traveling towards the Clark Bridge in Alton, IL are significantly higher than the southbound lanes. As a result, several times a year sections of the southbound Route 67 lanes, from the Clark Bridge to the Missouri River, are subject to periodic flooding.  Sometimes the road remains flooded for more than a month and causes an inconvenience to motorists and local businesses in the area.


Project Details:

The proposed project will raise the southbound Route 67 lanes to the elevation of the northbound lanes for approximately one mile south of the Clark Bridge over the Mississippi River. It will also improve safety and mobility at the Route 67 and Riverlands Way intersection and include a J-turn.


Will this project eliminate flooding ?  

This project will not completely eliminate flooding of the southbound Route 67 roadway between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, however, it is anticipated to reduce the frequency of flooding. 


Will there be pedestrian crossings or improvements for cyclists?

We have limited funding for this project and are unable to make significant improvements for pedestrians or cyclists at this time. We continue to work with several partners to try to identify funding to make improvements in the future. None of the work currently planned will prohibit future cyclist or pedestrian improvements.


When will construction begin?

Construction will begin in 2021.


What is the cost of this project?

This project is estimated at $3.9 Million.