What are the issues?

There are improvements that need to be made on Route 61/67 in Jefferson County from approximately Brandon Wallace Way to 6th/8th Street in Crystal City. To maintain our roadway and continue to keep motorists safe, MoDOT plans to add a two-way left turn lane, address existing drainage issues and resurface the pavement in the area. The existing curbs, pipes and inlets have outlived their intended functions. Curbs will be updated; drainage pipes will be replaced where needed and inlets and drains will be cleaned out. The installation of a two-way left turn lane will provide safer left turn access to the businesses along this section of Route 61/67 in Crystal City.

Counties Impacted
Route Impacted
U.S. Route 61
U.S. Route 67

Project Schedule

Not Started
Right of Way property acquisition

Fall 2021

Not Started
Contract award

February 2023

Not Started
Construction begins

March 2023

Not Started
Construction expected completion

Fall 2023

What are the anticipated impacts?

Construction details have not been finalized at this time. MoDOT will work with property owners to ensure access is available during construction.

How much will the project cost?

Construction cost is estimated at $2.3 million.

Is MoDOT acquiring property from landowners?

MoDOT will need to acquire some property or obtain temporary easements.

What if I have questions?

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Stephen O'Connor
Area Engineer, Franklin and Jefferson Counties
St. Louis District
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Office: (314) 453-5021
E-mail: Stephen.OConnor@modot.mo.gov

Shirley Norris
Project Manager, Franklin and Jefferson Counties
St. Louis District
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Office: (314)-453-5032

Cell: (314)-565-5648
E-mail: Shirley.Norris@modot.mo.gov