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In Progress
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This project was open to contractor bids in May 2019.

Construction underway

We began work along Route 131 between 2nd and 9th streets on Dec. 9. During this project, MoDOT will close streets two blocks at a time. Drivers can use Route 58 as a detour during these closures. MoDOT will do similar improvements on Route 58 between St. Charles and 9th Streets. Route 131 will be used as a detour during that work. 

What are we doing?

The project is on MO 58 from roughly the Johnson County Ambulance District building west of St. Charles Street to 9th Street and on MO 131 from W. McKissock Street to 9th Street and will consist of roadway resurfacing, new curbing, drainage and sidewalk improvements on State and City right of way.

As part of the sidewalk improvements, the majority of the steps will be removed and the sidewalk adjacent to the doors of local businesses will be flat. Ramps with landings will be provided. Some parking will be removed along Route 58 (2nd Street) in downtown Holden to construct bulb-outs at the corners to designate parking and driving lanes.

This work is similar to a project completed in Grain Valley in 2015. 

What’s the schedule?

Construction is scheduled to begin the summer of 2019 and be completed by late fall 2020.

How will this impact traffic?

Most of the construction will require lane and shoulder closures to reconstruct the sidewalks. For short periods of time the routes may be closed (one or two blocks at a time) and traffic will be detoured. The majority of the road closures are needed to construct cross drainage pipes under the roads.  Route 58 (2nd Street) and Route 131 (Olive/Lexington) will not be closed at the same time. Traffic can use parallel city routes for detours. Crews also have committed to no road closures during the fair and the tractor pull.    

Parking will be limited in the area where phased construction is taking place.  The parking will mostly remain the same as it is today when the project is complete.  Some parking will be reduced due to the bump outs, which are  an extended area into the street that helps with the transition of  ramp requirements from Americans with Disability Act.  It usually requires the removal of a portion of a parking spot.

The project will be done in phases and we will work with local businesses and home owners to minimize disruptions.  Temporary access to business will be necessary at some locations.  Those with multiple entrances will be likely done with one entrance available at all times.  

Will this project impact the look of downtown?

Downtown trees and some along the residential area will be removed.  Planters downtown will be an alternative for the City once work is completed. We have been working with the Walkers to preserve the Walker's Awning and will only have to do slight modifications to the awning to work with the design.

How is this project financed?

The project will use MoDOT funding, which is a combination of Federal and State funding. MoDOT is only paying for underground utility work directly affected by the construction project.  The City is looking into upgrading the system at the same time and those expenses would be on the City.