Counties Impacted
St. Francois
Project Status
Planning Phase

In an effort to improve safety, the proposed project would relocate several sections of Route 221 to provide more gradual curves and a straighter roadway. The project includes rebuilding the curve on Route 221 at Henrich Road and a series of curves from Howell Road to Henson Road, in Doe Run, Missouri.

This project is currently scheduled to be built in 2022.

Route 221 at Doe Run

Project Area

The new Route 221 curve at Henrich Road will be approximately 1200’ long and will be built slightly to the west of the existing road. 

The second new section of Route 221 will replace a series of curves from Howell Road to Henson Road.  This section will be built in segments that will start on the north side of the road switch to the south side of the road and finish switching again back to north side.  This new section of road will be approximately 3500’ long.

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