Counties Impacted
St. Louis
Project Status
In Progress
Route Impacted
Missouri Route 100


Conceptual plans

Basic plans for the project, including proposals for improvements

Preliminary/Right of Way plans

Plans outlining possible permanent or temporary easements, or projected right of way needed to meet the conceptual plans

Public hearing

MoDOT held a  public hearing on the project on January 9, 2020, in the Kirkwood Community Center.  Engineers shared plans for the project and listened to comments and concerns from the public.

Right of Way/easement negotiations

Negotiations to obtained needed right of way, or permanent or temporary easements for the project.

In Progress
Construction begins

Construction begins on the project. This is currently scheduled to begin sometime in summer 2022.

Not Started
Construction complete

Construction is complete.  This is projected to be complete, currently, in late 2023.

What is the situation?

In mid- to late-2022, the Missouri Department of Transportation is planning to resurface Route 100 (Manchester Road) between U.S. Route 61/67 (Kirkwood Road/Lindbergh Boulevard) to just east of I-270. As a part of that project, MoDOT is planning to make significant improvements to sidewalks along as much of the corridor as possible, including ensuring the sidewalks meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

What are the anticipated impacts?

Most of the resurfacing work will take place overnight, with up to two lanes closed – traffic will shift to either side, but during most days, all lanes will remain open.  During sidewalk construction, crews will work in either MoDOT’s right of way or private property in which the department has obtained an easement. This may require some short lane closures. In addition, crews may rebuild many of the entrances to businesses or subdivisions; however, they will make sure residents and customers can access the business or subdivision at all times.



What does the project include?

Besides the resurfacing and sidewalk work, MoDOT will replace some signals and make updates to storm sewers and medians. The interchanges with updated signals include Blase Avenue and Woodgate Drive. There are no planned changes to existing lanes along Manchester Road, due to the number of entrances and the high volume of daily traffic.  The department will continue to work with developers (if and when they update their properties) to encourage additional opportunities for pedestrian, transit and cycling use.


What is the timeline?

Conceptual Plans

Spring 2018

Preliminary/ROW Plans

Winter 2020

Public Hearing

January 9, 2020

Right of Way/Easement Negotiations

Spring through late fall 2020

Construction begins

Early spring 2022

Construction complete

Late 2023