Outsource Inspector Approval Process

Outsource Inspector Approval Process

Individuals who are interested in providing inspection for permitted projects need to be on the approved Outsource Inspector list.  To get onto that list, all applicants for outsource inspection will submit resumes in triplicate to the MoDOT Permit Supervisor for review in determining if they meet the minimum qualifications for inspecting permitted work on MoDOT roadways.

Depending on the nature of the job, the applicant for outsource inspection will be reviewed for the following:

  • Experience in inspecting overall highway construction.
  • Experience in inspecting concrete, asphalt, grading and storm sewer construction.
  • Experience in inspecting signal and lighting construction.
  • Experience in materials testing.   Must have MoDOT technician certification or comparable (NICET, ACI, etc) in the following:
    • bituminous
    • soils
    • concrete
    • aggregate
    • profilograph
    • plasticity index


A panel consisting of the MoDOT Traffic Operations Supervisor, a MoDOT Traffic Specialist and the MoDOT Traffic Operations Engineer will review the resumes.

If approved, the applicant will receive a letter stating they have been approved and they will be placed on our approved outsource inspector list.  This list will be distributed to developers and contractors for when requested for their use in requesting bids for the work.

If not approved, the applicant will receive a letter stating what qualifications are needed in order to be approved.  Their resume will remain on file.