MoDOT 2023-2026 Consultant Supplemental On-Call Selections!

MoDOT is pleased to announce the consultant selections for the supplemental solicitation for firms to be added to the 2023-2026 MoDOT On-Call program.  


Linked below is the supplemental selections list of firms to be added to the 2023-2026 MoDOT On-Call List:


Firms who were previously selected during the 1st Solicitation for the 2023-2026 MoDOT On-Call this time last year will remain on the list.  A supplemental agreement will be issued to firms who were previously selected for the On-Call & have a current Master Agreement, but were selected for additional categories through the supplemental solicitation.

If your firm is not current on all pre-qualification requirements a Master Agreement will not be issued until such time as your firm becomes current on all required pre-qualifications.  If your firms' pre-qualifications expire at any time during the period covered by the Master Agreement, MoDOT will remove your firm from the available On-Call List until such time as all required pre-qualifications are current.  

Master agreements will be issued for review & signature as soon as possible.  Firms will be added to the available MoDOT On-Call list at the time Master Agreements become fully signed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Cremer via email at  or by phone at 573-751-3705. 





Jeff Cremer

Professional Services Coordinator
MoDOT - Design  
Phone: (573) 751-3705