Drilling & Sampling Services - Industry Meeting - November 29, 2023

An industry informational meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday November 29, 2023, 10-11am, to discuss the following service needs:


MoDOT is looking to supplement our drilling and sampling services.  Our intent is to utilize a consultant drilling crew of 2-3 members to provide drilling services in addition to our current internal crew(s). 

MoDOT will utilize a consultant’s crew members and drill rig with an automatic hammer (which must be calibrated a minimum of every 2 years as per our standard) and/or auger truck.  All drill rigs should be capable of drilling off-road, have hollow stem augers, perform mud rotary drilling, perform rock coring (typically NQ size), pavement cores and be able to drill up to depths of at least 125 feet. 


All auger trucks should be capable of drilling on and off road, have solid flight augers and perform pavement coring and drill up to depths of 125 feet.  If a natural water source is not available near the project site, MoDOT can provide water from a maintenance facility.  The consultant should be able to provide an operator with a well registration permit satisfactory to install inclinometers or piezometers on select projects. 


The consultant will complete all One Call utility locates for a project site.  The consultant will be expected to follow all MoDOT safety standards in regard to PPE.  MoDOT will provide all traffic control needs utilizing our MoDOT maintenance forces.  All boring locations will be provided and surveyed by MoDOT resources.  All property access will be provided by MoDOT.


The consultant will provide all labor, materials, equipment, and sampling supplies needed to complete a geotechnical investigation.  Sampling supplies may include but are not limited to, SPT sampler, Shelby tubes and caps, waxed or plastic rock core boxes, inclinometer or piezometer pipe, etc.   MoDOT would provide an engineer or geologist for each project to provide drilling plans, provide any necessary changes that may be needed during drilling at a project site (ie additional borings or increased rock core depth), log borings and complete soil sampling (ie bagging of SPT samples and capping of Shelby tube samples, etc). 


The consultant will open all splitspoons during drilling, but evaluation and sampling will be performed by the on-site MoDOT engineer or geologist.  Backfilling of borings shall be completed with either auger cuttings or bentonite as necessary by the consultant.  All cold patch/asphalt can be provided by nearby MoDOT maintenance facility.  MoDOT would transport all samples to the MoDOT lab, complete all testing, and provide all engineering recommendations for each project.  MoDOT may ask consultant to store samples for up to one week to allow other MoDOT personnel time to arrange pick up.


Our engineers and geologists will work Monday thru Thursday and typically 10-hour days, not to exceed 40 hours within a work week.  Any hours over 40 within the week will be planned prior to work being scheduled.  Most work is completed during day time hours.  Any night work will be planned accordingly and is typically based on traffic counts and focused on Interstate routes.  State/Federal holidays will be observed but may be exchanged for another day during the same week.  Any exchanged holidays will be planned prior to scheduling.  In the event of snow across the state, some of our maintenance forces, engineers and geologists may be required to help with a snow event.  Work may need to be canceled for these events with little advance notice.


It is projected that MoDOT would need the assistance of a minimum of one drill crew per week for projects currently scheduled through April of 2024, but it is likely they will be needed for the duration of 2024.    At the beginning of this contract, it may be necessary to utilize two crews for the first couple of months. It is also possible after establishment of this contract it could be extended for up to 2 years.


In the meeting we’ll discuss the solicitation, selection of firms, & contracting methods we’ll use for these services.


The meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams:


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