Geometric Design Training Series Update

In 2022, MnDOT announced the roll-out of the Geometric Design Training Series.  The series consists of 29 e-learning modules and is available to external users for a fee.  The original cost to external users was relatively high and we received numerous requests to reduce the cost of these training materials.


With the goal of making this a resource more widely available to the industry, we have negotiated a contract with a new hosting institution (University of Minnesota) and we are pleased to announce that the Geometric Design Training Series is now available at no cost to Minnesota local agency employees and $50 per module for all other users.


The University of Minnesota will provide unlimited access to participants once registered through June 30, 2026. They will also provide free access to participants who have previously registered for the training with the previous hosting institution. The University will be in touch to provide access to these individuals. 


We consider this to be a valuable training resource, developed to educate both design technicians and entry level engineers on the fundamentals of roadway design. We are doing our best to make these training resources available to all DOT as well as to transportation professionals with the goal of benefiting the overall profession.


The series can be accessed at the following link:


Note that MnDOT does not profit from the fees associated with providing this content.


If you have any additional questions regarding the Geometric Design Training Series, please email directly to Gwen Mei ( She can also be reached at 651-366-4603.


Thank you!