Keep Your Keys Program for Older Drivers Offered in Lincoln County

HANNIBAL - The Keep Your Keys program is a driver-safety course geared toward people 55 and older, caregivers and facilitators, health educators, policy or highway patrol departments, nurses, etc. University of Missouri Health Care's Injury Prevention and Outreach Program provides resources for adults – both individuals and caregivers – who may need support to continue driving or retire from driving.

This program is being offered at the Lincoln County Council on Aging, 1380 Boone Street, Troy, on Monday, June 14 at 10:45 a.m.  Those interested in becoming a paid facilitator for this program can attend facilitator training immediately following the program.  If interested, please contact Amy Price, Trauma Nurse or Beth Koster, Coordinator of Outreach or call (573) 884-7143.

There are four main factors that can affect driving as one ages:

  • Decreased flexibility and strength
  • Decline in vision and/or hearing
  • Cognitive issues
  • Medication interactions

Staying safe on the road

To keep ourselves and our fellow motorists’ safe, it’s essential to self-assess our driving skills on a regular basis.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I unable to keep up with the flow of traffic?
  • Do I find myself getting lost or forgetting where I am going?
  • Do I feel tired when I am driving?
  • Have I been involved in a crash in the past year?
  • Have others expressed a concern regarding my driving?

Take our driving self-assessment.

Whether you’re able to ease into driving retirement or it happens unexpectedly, it’s important to create a transportation plan that helps you stay active and social even if you can no longer drive.


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