Week of December 7 - Route 160 Widening Willard to Springfield


  • All lanes OPEN in each direction on Route 160 between Route AB in Willard and I-44 in Springfield
  • Sidewalk open from Frisco Highline Trail to McDonald’s at Hunt Road/Farm Road 103

Work Scheduled:  

  • Installing street lighting on Route 160
  • Laying seed and mulch on Route 160 between Farm Road 115 and 123

Traffic Impacts:  

  • All lanes OPEN in each direction on Route 160 between Route AB in Willard and I-44 in Springfield
  • Shoulder closures on Route 160 possible at times
  • Crews and equipment close to traffic
  • Crews may work Saturdays and Sundays to make up work missed due to weather/construction delays

(Weather or construction delays could alter the work schedule.)

Project Summary:

  • Widen Route 160 to four lanes between I-44 in Springfield and Jackson Street in Willard
  • Resurface the existing lanes of Route 160 between I-44 in Springfield and Route AB in Willard
  • Install concrete traffic barrier between lanes in areas
  • Add a pedestrian underpass underneath Route 160 at Hunt Road
  • Add a new box culvert to carry Frisco Highline Trail underneath Route 160 at Trail Mile 3
  • Add street lighting at intersections
  • Intersection improvements:
    • J-turn at Farm Road 123/Westgate Avenue
    • Right-in/Right-out at Haseltine Road (Farm Road 115)
    • Roundabout at Farm Road 94 near quarry
    • Add left-turn lane at Hughes Road
    • Roundabout at Farm Road 103/Melville Road/Hunt Road
    • Roundabout at Jackson Street
    • Add turn lanes at Greene County Route AB
  • Prime Contractor: APAC-Central, Springfield
  • Completion Date: December 1, 2020
  • Total Project Cost: $18.6 million 


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