Make it Home Safe This Holiday Season

Lyft offers $5 off on a sober ride home.

For more information contact MoDOT Highway Safety and Traffic at 800-800-BELT (2358).                                          

November 26, 2019 – For immediate release

JEFFERSON CITY—While the holiday season is joyous for most, it is also one of the deadliest times on our nation’s highways. There were 53 people killed and 242 seriously injured in Missouri traffic crashes between December 10, 2018 and January 1, 2019. Nine of the fatalities and 46 of the serious injuries involved a substance-impaired driver.

“Heavy traffic coupled with Missouri weather is enough to contend with without adding alcohol or drugs to the mix. Driving impaired is never worth the risk of a tragedy and is simply irresponsible,” said Jon Nelson, executive committee chair of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety. “We all owe it to the other millions of travelers on the roadway to make smart choices. Please plan ahead to find a safe and sober ride home.”

Make sure everyone arrives alive at holiday gatherings this season. The best ways to ensure safe travel are to drive sober, buckle up and put down the phone. We are all part of the solution. Please consider the following tips:

  • Don’t risk it – if you plan to drive, don’t drink.
  • Encourage safe driving behaviors among family, friends and co-workers.
  • Choose a designated driver before partying. A designated driver is someone who drinks NO alcohol at all.
  • Take mass transit, a taxicab, ride share or ask a friend to drive you home.
  • Party hosts should include alcohol-free beverages.
  • Spend the night where the activity is being held.
  • Report impaired drivers to law enforcement.
  • Buckle up and put your phone down.

As you attend that holiday party, or just stop off for a social hour, please remember that when you feel different, you drive different. Remember, alcohol is not the only substance that impairs one’s ability to drive. Other drugs, including prescription medication, can be just as impactful. Alcohol and drugs both impair driving and make for a deadly combination that can ruin the holidays for many families in an instant.

To help deter impaired driving this holiday season, Lyft is offering a holiday promotion of $5.00 off a safe and sober ride home. Simply use the code SHOWMELYFT for your one-time discount and ensure you make it home safe for the holidays.

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