JEFFERSON CITY – Five highway safety statewide award winners and 14 regional award winners were given recognition at the 2018 Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference recently held in Columbia.  The conference is organized by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, whose goal is to reduce fatalities and disabling injuries on Missouri roads.  “We very much appreciate the efforts of all who are involved to encourage safe driving, and we will continue to work towards the ultimate goal of losing zero lives on Missouri roads,” said Missouri Department of Transportation Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer Nicole Hood.

Southeast Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is Captain Joshua T. Benton of the Dexter Police Department.  As an active participant in the Southeast Regional Coalition for Roadway Safety, Captain Benten leads the coordination of law enforcement efforts with commitment and passion and has proven to be a terrific asset to all of southeast Missouri.

Southeast Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is Safe and Sober program administered by Chief Deputy Charley Mays with the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department.  The Safe and Sober Program has proven success all over the country, yet it cannot be successful without a champion.  This champion has to be committed to travel and time to make the program effective.  Chief Deputy Charley Mays facilitates ALL the Safe and Sober programs in Ripley County, helping to educate drivers on the dangers and impacts of impaired driving.

These awards are presented every two years and led by several active members of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.  More information about the Coalition can be found online at www.savemolives.com.  Photos of award winners also are posted there.