Buck O'Neil Bridge Environmental Study Enters Next Phase with Online Meeting

Buck O’Neil Bridge Environmental Study Enters Next Phase as Study Team Presents Four Potential Reasonable Alternatives in Online Meeting

KANSAS CITY -- In 2018, The Missouri Department of Transportation, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and the Federal Highway Administration began an environmental study on the Buck O’Neil Bridge. The study team hosted the first public meeting in February 2019. Today they opened a second online meeting to showcase the four potential reasonable alternatives for the bridge. To participate in the online meeting, watch the video explaining the alternatives then take a follow-up survey to share your thoughts on each. Review the meeting here: http://bit.ly/2Mn85zF

The environmental study builds on the planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study to further evaluate options to improve or potentially replace the U.S. 169 bridge over the Missouri River in Kansas City. 

The team will also evaluate potential impacts to historic structures, including the existing Buck O’Neil Bridge, and other resources in the study area such as public parks, open spaces, cultural assets, and people and businesses in and around the area.  

The study, which is scheduled to conclude in 2020, will require significant public input. In addition to the first public meeting and this online meeting, there will be a third public hearing with the preferred alternatives. Learn more about the study here: https://bit.ly/2G8MvLd 

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