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This page contains the text of a proposed rule adopted by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, a summary of the proposed rule, and the official copy of the proposed rule published in the Missouri Register, along with any materials incorporated by reference.


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7 CSR 10-25.020 Oversize/Overweight Permits

Date Posted: 8/15/22

Summary: The proposed rulemaking relocates language regarding blanket permits of overlength public

utility movements and overwide movements of sludge disposal units from a section that describes multiple-commodity blanket permits to one that describes single commodity blanket permits.

It also corrects an axle-spacing distance measurement for an alternative configuration of an 8-

axle load; clarifies that two escort vehicles are required when oversized units travel on two-lane routes off of the interstate system; clarifies that empty overwide and/or overlength trailers that haul superloads qualify for blanket permits; and clarifies that public utility blanket permits are similar to other permits of limited duration.