MoDOT Proposed Rules

This page contains the text of a proposed rule adopted by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, a summary of the proposed rule, and the official copy of the proposed rule published in the Missouri Register, along with any materials incorporated by reference.


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7 CSR 60-2.010 Definitions

Date Posted: 2/13/24

Summary: This amendment adds a definition for start or starling to incorporate language relative to electric vehicles.

7 CSR 60-2.030 Standards and Specifications

Date Posted: 2/13/24

Summary: This amendment permits the manufacturer, at its discretion, the adjustment of the breath volume requirement to as low as 1.2 liter on its device. The addition of aftermarket lighting installation in the cabin of the vehicle for hearing impaired has been added, and a requirement of a second follow up test after a positive breath sample has been added.

7 CSR 60-2.040 Responsibilities of Manufacturers

Date Posted: 2/13/24

Summary: This amendment updates record retention term for manufacturers and expands quality assurance measures/or manufacturers when monitoring the operator's data.

7 CSR 60-2.050 Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Security

Date Posted: 2/13/24

Summary: This amendment adds language and specific requirements regarding the documentation of vehicle registration and operator verification at time of device service, and the ability for the division to inspect new authorized service providers prior to becoming an active location.

7 CSR 60-2.060 Device Suspension and Decertification

Date Posted: 2/13/24

Summary: This amendment updates the inclusion of authorized service centers to suspension and decertification requirements.