MoDOT Proposed Rules

This page contains the text of a proposed rule adopted by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, a summary of the proposed rule, and the official copy of the proposed rule published in the Missouri Register, along with any materials incorporated by reference.


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Proposed Rule 7 CSR 10-25.020 Oversize/Overweight Permits

Posted date: 11/16/20

Summary:  This rule is amended to add an option to purchase an annual crane blanket due to a law passed in 2018; clarify language concerning  holidays, correction of inaccuracies, blanket permit costs, and fee waivers; relax width restrictions for  overwide permits and allow some overwide loads to move at night; relax specific escort requirements;  and allow both computerized live-load analysis and additional allowable axle configurations in line with improved technology now in use to determine safe routes for movement.

Proposed Rule 7 CSR 10-3.010 Location and Relocation of Utility Facilities on State Highways

Posted date: 10/13/20

Summary: 7 CSR 10-3.010 generally provides the standards to locate and relocate utility facilities in state highway system rights of way, by:

  • Clarifying wording where necessary;
  • Updating any incorporated federal regulations;
  • Delegating to the Department the sole authority to expand a utility corridor from 6 to 12 feet where space is reasonably available, by first considering if the existing six foot utility corridor is fully utilized.  The rule does not require additional right of way to be acquired to accommodate utilities. 
  • Authorizing the request and issuance of a one-time variance from the rule requirements.

Proposed Rule 7 CSR 10-3.020 Utility Relocation Hearings and Variance Request Informal Hearings

Posted date: 10/13/20

Summary: 7 CSR 10-3.020 creates an informal hearing process for a utility applicant whose request for a variance was denied by the district utilities engineer.  If a variance is denied, the applicant has 30 days to request an informal hearing with the request to be sent to the State Design Engineer.  The hearing is not a contested case under Chapter 536, RSMo, so the rules of evidence will not apply and the Department’s final decision is not subject to appeal.