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This page contains the text of a proposed rule adopted by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, a summary of the proposed rule, and the official copy of the proposed rule published in the Missouri Register, along with any materials incorporated by reference.


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Proposed Rule 7 CSR 10-25.010 Skill Performance Evaluation Certificates For Commercial Drivers

Posted date: 4/14/20

Summary: The proposed amended administrative rulemaking for Title 7, Code of State Regulations (CSR), 10-25.010 – Skill Performance Evaluation Certificates for Commercial Drivers would, if promulgated, allow persons with a hearing deficiency to apply for an exemption authorizing the individual(s) to operate a commercial motor vehicle intrastate. Other changes to the existing rule include clarifications of terms and give the latest dates to incorporate by reference federal regulations and other documents related to the subject of the rule.