MoDOT Proposed Rules

This page contains the text of a proposed rule adopted by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, a summary of the proposed rule, and the official copy of the proposed rule published in the Missouri Register, along with any materials incorporated by reference.


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7 CSR 10-1.010 Description, Organization, and Information

Posted date: 4/8/22

Summary:  PURPOSE: This amendment updates the department’s organizational structure consistent with the department’s current business practices as required by section 536.023, RSMo.

7 CSR 10-11.020 Procedures for Solicitation, Receipt of Bids, and Award and Administration of Contracts

Posted date: 4/8/22

Summary: This amendment will add clarity to paragraph (5)(B)2. of this rule, add the word business to specify days in subsection (5)(C) and section (10) of this rule, as well as align the dollar amounts to current bid limits, and to provide instruction in the event of a bid protest in subsection (10)(B) of this rule.