Counties Impacted
Route Impacted
Work Type
Bridge Replacement
Planning Phase

This project will replace the Missouri Route 96 (Inca Road) bridge in Jasper County over Missouri Route 171 west of Carthage.

Project Milestones

Virtual Public Meeting

October 2-16, 2023

Virtual (Online) Public Meeting held on the Missouri Route 96 Bridge Replacement Project


Project Awarded to a Contractor

April 2024

Projected Start of Construction



Purpose and Need / What's the Problem:

The Route 96 bridge was built in 1974, is experiencing deterioration. Approximately 1,525 vehicles use the bridge daily.

The bridge needs to be replaced to meet today’s standard designs.

Project Information:

Route 96 bridge: Contractor crews will replace the current bridge. The new bridge also will have new barrier walls, guardrails and permanent striping. The current bridge is 44 feet wide and 319 feet long.  It is estimated to cost $4.2 million.

This bridge will be scheduled for bidding in April 2024.  Once the contract is awarded, additional information will be available from the contractor regarding the schedule for construction and impacts to the public.

News Releases

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the Route 96 bridge be closed?

Route 96 bridge will be closed for no more than six (6) months.

Will Route 171 be closed?

Route 171 will remain open for the duration of the project except for brief intervals during construction. The ramps to Route 171 will remain open.

Why will the bridge be shorter?

The Route 96 bridge will be 92 feet shorter than the existing bridge. Crews will build Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls on either side of the bridge. The MSE walls will require the bridge to only have two spans, the horizontal space between two supports of a structure, instead of the current four span bridge.

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