Mentoring Program

MoDOT's mentoring program is designed to assist with professional development of its employees and enhance the department by promoting a diversified, expanded and talented workforce. This program provides employees with career guidance and support through the establishment of mentorships.


What is a Mentorship?

A mentorship is a nurturing relationship between two MoDOT employees, where one person invests time, energy and personal knowledge in assisting the growth and development of another person.

The mentorship requires the mentor and mentee to work together to reach specific goals and to provide sufficient feedback to ensure that the goals are reached.

It can include formal and informal elements, such as written goals and scheduled meeting times or an occasional chat or e-mail exchange.


  • Acclimates new employees to MoDOT culture and values.
  • Provides networking opportunities.
  • Focuses on short and long-term professional development goals. 
  • Focuses on professional development that may cross job boundaries outside a mentee’s area of work.
  • Creates a continuous learning environment to ensure leadership succession.
  • Improves recruitment and retention of highly skilled professionals.
  • Creates higher job satisfaction.

For more information about the mentoring program please contact the MoDOT Equal Opportunity and Diversity Division at 573-526-5611 or via email at