In Memory

Respect, Honor & Remember

Remembering Fallen MoDOT Workers


The following are the names of 135 MoDOT workers who have died in the line of duty since 1932: 

Name Date District
Crawford, Lloyd 06/28/21 Kansas City District
Perry, Brian "Keith" 07/26/17 Central District
Bloch, Christopher 01/31/17 Central District
Ebker, Lyndon D. 04/07/16 St. Louis District
Scott, Clifton 09/21/12 Kansas City District
Hays, Johnny 06/18/08 Southeast District
York, Mike 06/11/08 Kansas City  District
Slatten, Joshua 08/18/08 Southwest District
McBride, Jeffery 12/07/07 St. Louis District
Crain, William II 10/17/06 Springfield Area District
Hoierman, Ken 08/15/06 St. Louis District
Mayer, Bob 04/23/06 Northeast District
Eftink, Bob 04/07/06 Southeast District
Vanatta, Bert 11/15/04 Southwest District
Harmon, Rick 08/19/04 Springfield Area District
Love, Julie 07/22/04 Kansas City Area District
Baublitz, Karla F. 09/30/03 Southwest District
Pace, Duane D. 05/13/02 Central Office
Lizotte, Gerald T. 08/31/01 South Central District
Keller, Marilyn J. 06/01/01 Kansas City Area District
Licklider, Larry C. 08/25/97 St. Louis District
Rogers, Charles 08/21/97 Springfield Area District
Miller, William D. 07/30/97 Northeast District
Walker, Arthur C. Jr. 07/11/97 Southwest District
Graham, Nicole 04/14/97 St. Louis District
Wieda, William 02/06/96 St. Louis District
Hayes, Dennis R. 09/14/95 South Central District
Pfeifer, George F. 08/26/94 North Central District
Smith, Jon W. 08/01/93 St. Louis District
Coleman, Gregory D. 02/05/93 Central Office
Mirts, Thomas C. 11/06/91 Central District
Ellington, Preston R. 04/18/91 Springfield Area District
Minton, James W 02/21/91 Southwest District
Farrenburg, Garry L. 10/11/90 Southeast District
Anderson, Howard K. 03/16/90 Kansas City Area District
Harris, Melvin J. 02/22/90 Kansas City Area District
Whited, George A. "Bud" 08/29/89 South Central District
William M. Caldwell, Jr. 07/18/89 Kansas City Area District
Feth, Adolph Emil 09/28/88 St. Louis District
Lindsey, Donna L. 08/08/88 Northeast District
Carr, William Allen 05/13/88 St. Louis District
O'Neal, Wendal Ray 02/08/88 Northwest District
Washam, Terry Lynn 10/21/87 Southwest District
Munsterman, Randy J. 04/20/87 North Central District
Graves, Larry E. 04/20/87 North Central District
Walther, James R. 04/02/87 Central Office
Young, Everett S. 08/19/86 St. Louis District
Aydt, Robert R. 11/21/83 St. Louis District
Nail, Randy 09/04/80 St. Louis District
DeNatale, Charles 03/11/80 St. Louis District
Stiern, Gerald F. 03/11/80 St. Louis District
Johnson, Calvin U. Jr. 06/27/79 Kansas City Area District
George, Eugene 02/26/79 St. Louis District
Hughes, Joseph 01/13/79 Northwest District
Shields, Craig 09/19/78 Kansas City Area District
Kirby, Gary Dean 09/07/78 Kansas City Area District
Stretch, Otis N. 02/14/78 Northwest District
Snuffer, Thomas 09/13/76 Northwest District
Lene, Elmer Leon 08/19/76 North Central District
Jones, Wesley 07/22/75 Southwest District
Carmichael, James 07/18/75 Northeast District
Schrum, Hueston 07/14/75 St. Louis District
Capps, Otis H. 06/30/75 St. Louis District
Tynes, Russell E. 05/22/75 Central Office
Bullock, Everett 02/18/75 Springfield Area District
Embrey, Joseph E. 12/13/74 Central District
Evans, Dennis C. 10/30/74 Southeast District
Taylor, Daniel 10/21/74 Kansas City Area District
Ramsey, Ivan 08/09/74 Northwest District
Menard, Pete 02/25/74 Springfield Area District
Limbocker, Devere 08/24/73 Kansas City Area District
Barks, Perry 08/07/73 St. Louis District
Simon, Leonard J. 07/16/73 St. Louis District
Cook, David W. 07/01/73 St. Louis District
Ingels, Clarence 06/21/73 Northwest District
Heyer, Ray Edward 10/13/71 Kansas City Area District
Roberts, Lawton 09/04/71 Northwest District
Leake, Danny 04/13/71 Northwest District
Mitchell, Sidney M. 02/03/71 Northwest District
Simmers, Harry 11/06/70 Kansas City Area District
Lewis, Marvin Lee 01/28/70 St. Louis District
Wyatt, Donald 10/06/69 Northwest District
Essary, Lefate 12/20/68 Central District
Trowbridge, Frederick 12/20/68 Central District
Bratton, Homer L. 10/25/68 Southeast District
Tanner, Hurshel 07/10/68 Southeast District
Chambers, Berle R. 06/05/68 Kansas City Area District
Schwartze, James A. 05/07/68 Central Office
Adkison, Claude 04/23/68 Northwest District
Reckentin, Robert 05/25/67 St. Louis District
Campbell, James 10/06/65 Springfield Area District
Hasbrouck, Kenneth 09/21/65 Northwest District
Holt, Paul C. 08/03/65 Springfield Area District
Mullins, Curtis J. 07/09/65 South Central District
Murphy, Roy E. 01/05/65 Northwest District
Mosley, William D. 12/08/64 Central District
Suggs, Ellis 09/03/64 South Central District
Schilb, Charles 07/31/64 Central District
Atchley, Paul 01/17/64 Springfield Area District
Grayson, Myrl 01/17/64 Springfield Area District
Foster, Clarence 08/20/63 Kansas City Area District
Saunders, Joseph 07/23/62 Kansas City Area District
Brannock, James R. 10/18/61 Southeast District
Baker, E. E. 10/29/60 North Central District
Wohlgemuth, Henry 09/02/60 Kansas City Area District
Houston, Joe W. 11/05/59 North Central District
Jefferson, Cecil H. 10/19/59 Central Office
Glen, James H. 06/24/59 Central District
Hall, Wayne 02/13/59 Central District
Mather, John R. 10/30/58 Kansas City Area District
Passley, William 09/04/58 Southwest District
Rhoad, Cleo 02/18/58 Northwest District
Cudworth, Irvin C. 10/27/57 South Central District
Doyle, Elyod 10/10/57 North Central District
Underwood, Silas 09/05/56 Southeast District
Land, Lloyd M. 06/19/56 Northwest District
Robertston, Roy A. 04/20/56 St. Louis District
Barnes, Wilbur 08/18/55 Central District
Goode, Archie 04/07/55 Southeast District
Resch, Roland 08/26/54 St. Louis District
Gordon, Arthur 08/17/54 St. Louis District
Walker, William 06/12/54 North Central District
Ehlmann, Theodore 06/07/53 St. Louis District
Davis, Harry S. 11/14/50 Central District
Hawkins, John C. 11/08/50 Springfield Area District
Ash, Floyd 09/02/50 Kansas City Area District
Beckman, Henry 07/07/50 Northeast District
Tallman, Lowell Eugene 10/06/49 Northeast District
Hesse, Harold 10/06/49 Northeast District
Hall, Leroy A. 04/19/49 Kansas City Area District
Camden, Garth K. 10/06/48 Kansas City Area District
Glosemeyer, August 05/10/46 St. Louis District
Mumy, Cal M. 02/13/46 Southwest District
Schooler, Milo E. 02/27/39 Southwest District
Allman, John P. 07/28/32 Southwest District