Counties Impacted
St. Charles
St. Louis
St. Louis City
Route Impacted
Work Type
Sign Replacements
Planning Phase

Project timeline

Not Started
Contract awarded

A corridor wide contract for the replacement of overhead signs along I-64 between the Poplar Street Bridge and I-70 in St. Charles County and I-170 between I-64 and I-270 is projected to be awarded in late fall 2025.

Not Started
Sign evaluation

Contractor crews review signs along the corridor to determine which ones meet Federal standards and which need to be replaced. 

Not Started
Sign installation

Crews install the signs along the corridor. 


What is the current situation?

Overhead signs along the I-64 and the I-170 corridors are projected to be evaluated, and if necessary, replaced in 2026.  In the St. Louis district, the I-64 corridor runs from the Poplar Street Bridge in the city of St. Louis to the I-70 interchange in St. Charles County.  The I-170 corridor runs between I-64 and I-270 in St. Louis County.  Once the project is awarded, crews will evaluate the signs along both corridors to determine which signs have reached the end of their useful life and must be replaced. Once that evaluation has been completed, the signs will be ordered and then replaced when they come in.  This method of evaluating and replacing the signs along a corridor helps reduce delays and costs to update those signs, instead of replacing individual signs.

What is the timeline?

Milestone Date
Contract awarded Late 2025
Sign evaluation February 2026
Sign installation July 2026
Project complete Early 2027