Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Stormwater Runoff is precipitation that does not evaporate or soak into the ground but instead runs across the land and into the nearest waterway.  As stormwater runoff acts as a vehicle to transport pollutants, there is more of a potential to introduce illicit discharges to the surrounding aquatic environments polluting one of our most vital resources.

What is an illicit discharge? In general, illicit discharges include any discharge into a storm drain system that is not entirely composed of stormwater.  Illicit discharges can occur either by involuntary or voluntary actions.  Involuntary actions such as fluid from leaking vehicles, grass clippings, pet waste, etc. are difficult to mitigate but not impossible.  Voluntary actions such as illegal dumping, litter, illegal dumping of petroleum and other motor vehicle fluids, and even sedimentation from adjacent construction projects can be controlled by individual and community involvement to detect and report any suspicious discharges. 

MoDOT’s Transportation Separate Storm Sewer System (TS4) permit requires the development and implementation of an illicit discharge detection and elimination program.  MoDOT operates approximately 33,800 miles of roadway and 10,397 bridges.  As part of the permit requirement, an extensive map of all outfalls that receive discharges from the TS4 area.  This map is a work in progress but is available for public viewing on his page. 

A part of MoDOT’s program to detect and eliminate illicit discharges is the identification of illicit connections. Illicit connections are physical connections such as pipes, hoses, drains, or other devises that convey a discharge to a storm drain systems that are not approved by the owner of the facility. These can be as simple as a drainage pipe trenched to drain into the ditch system or as complex as rigid attachments to culverts or other drainage structures. Any attachments to MoDOT’s drainage facilities must be approved by the respective District Engineer in the district where the attachment will exist. Click here for district contact information.

How to Report an Illicit Discharge or Connection

To report a suspected illicit discharge, please contact the Stormwater Compliance Coordinator directly at 573-751-2790, or you can use the Report A Stormwater Concern form.

IDDE Pamphlet

Illicit Discharge Phamplet

Click here to see MoDOT’s illicit discharge detection and elimination pamphlet for more information regarding the illicit discharge detection and elimination program, and what you can do to help.

County Health Department Contacts by District