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St. Louis
Project Status
Planning Phase

Project Milestones

Complete Study

The study was completed and presented to the public in February 2004. At this time, no funding has been identified for it.

What is the I-44 Study:

A Feasibility study to examine alternatives to improve access to I-44 and to improve local circulation.


Where We Are Today:

The study is complete. We presented the findings to the public in February 2004.   The I-44/Shrewsbury Planning Study was conducted to determine the feasibility of alternatives to improve access to I-44 and to improve local circulation.  This project is listed on the Long Range Plan in the 2031 - 2035 timeframe.  However, it is currently not funded. 

Study Area

The study is centered on I-44 from Arsenal to west of Laclede Station Road and Shrewsbury Avenue from Big Bend Avenue to Weil Avenue.

Purpose and Need

  • Provide better access to the interstate
  • Improve connectivity to surrounding communities
  • Improve local circulation, including access to MetroLink
  • Foster economic development in the area

The present interchange at Shrewsbury Avenue along with the Murdoch Avenue interchange functions as a split diamond. Movements to and from the east are handled at Shrewsbury Avenue and western movements are served at Murdoch Avenue. These access points are almost one-half mile apart requiring travel on residential streets between the two points.

There is a strong northbound commute path in the AM peak from River Des Peres Boulevard to westbound Lansdowne to Shrewsbury to Big Bend. The major congestion points are at the intersection of Big Bend Boulevard and Shrewsbury Avenue. The unsignalized intersection at Lansdowne and Murdoch Cut-off is over capacity. Traffic south and east of the study area makes it way through the study area to access westbound I-44 at Murdoch and traffic from the south and west travels through the study area to Shrewsbury for eastbound I-44. The PM has the reverse commute patterns than the AM.

In the future traffic volumes are projected to grow increasing congestion. The opening of the MetroLink station will draw more traffic into the area.



Alternative Total Conceptual Cost*

Option Cost  Improvements included
No Build Zero No improvements resulting from this study
1 $2,582,000 Shrewsbury Ramp Additions
2 $8,730,000 Shrewsbury Diamond Ramps
2a $11,422,000 Shrewsbury Loop Ramps
5 $57,888,000 Single Point Diamond Interchange with I-44 realignment
C1  $37,548,000 Des Peres Parkway Extension to the east of MetroLink Station with loop ramp under I-44
C2 $53,948,000 Des Peres Parkway Extension to the east of MetroLink Station
C3 $54,756,000 Des Peres Parkway Extension to the west of the MetroLink Station with Single Point Urban Interchange

* Total conceptual cost includes design, procurement costs and contingencies. Mitigation of the Laclede Gas storage facility is not included. Costs are expressed in year 2003 dollars with no inflation added. Source: Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc., March 2003.

Alternatives 3, 4, 6, 6a and 7 were eliminated in the preliminary stage of the study.

Status of Project and Next Steps

The East-West Gateway Coordinating Council (EWGCC) has included this project in their Legacy 2035 Long Range Plan in the 2031 to 2035 timeframe. However, no funding is currently available for environmental study, project design or construction.

Once funding is dedicated, the preliminary engineering and environmental analysis and document must be developed and approved. Then if funding is available, design work can begin.


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