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What is MoDOT doing on this project? 

Project Update: Planners of the project have made the decision to begin work in the spring of 2020, instead of the fall of 2019. The traffic configuration slated for the fall had the potential for making travel in the area less than idea during the winter months, especially with snow on the roads. However, crews will begin some smaller work on the south end of the bridge with daily lane closures. There is also work slated for the north end of the bridge on Birmingham St.  


MoDOT will be rehabilitating the I-435 Bridge over the Missouri River in 2019.  Project includes bridge deck replacement, reinforcement of structural steel girders and substructure repairs. Work will also include the extension of the acceleration lane from the Route 210 Interchange to I-435 south. 

Crews will fill in the scour hole in the Missouri River.  Ramps at Route 210 will remain open during construction, except for possibly brief closures during traffic changes. 

How will this project benefit me?

The project's primary purpose is to maximize the safety and mobility for all traffic along the bridge span. Also, to improve the traffic flow through the corridor and the I-435 and Route 210 interchange, which is just north of the bridge. Repairing of the structure is expected to last 25-30 years.  

What is the project timeline? 

Construction Begins: Springs of 2020

Construction Begins: August 23, 2019 

Completion Date: December 1, 2021

About this project: 

There are four phases in the traffic control plans. Phases are grouped.

  • Phases 1 and 2 are the construction of the northbound half. One lane remains on the northbound bridge and one lane crosses over to the inside lane of the southbound bridge.
  • Phases 3 and 4 are the construction of the southbound half. One lane remains on the southbound bridge and lane crosses over to the inside lane of the northbound bridge. 

Project cost is approximately $32 million and funded through MoDOT's Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan. Contractor is Clarkson Construction Company 

For More Information: 

  • The I-435 Bridge over the Missouri River was built in 1972.
  • This corridor sees about 81,500 vehicles each day. 

For additional information about this project, contact MoDOT Senior Communication Specialist Markl Johnson at 816-607-2151 or markl.johnson@modot,  

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