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Interstate 29

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Design and public input phase

The Missouri Department of Transportation is working together with consulting firm Olsson to design a new bridge deck on Interstate 29 over U.S. Route 59. The public is invited to provide input, ask questions, express concerns about construction of the project, etc. using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Contractors bid on the project

The project is scheduled to be part of MoDOT's Oct. 15, 2021 letting, when contractors may submit competitive bids for the project.

Not Started
Contract award

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission will consider all bids at their November 2021 meeting and may award the contract at that time.

Not Started
Notice to proceed

This is the earliest date at which the contractor is allowed to begin work. At this time, the Notice to Proceed date has not been determined.

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Construction begins

The construction start date has not yet been determined. After the project is awarded, the contractor and MoDOT staff will determine the exact schedule of construction. As part of construction, I-29 traffic will be head-to-head for an extended period of time and U.S. Route 59 under the bridge construction will be closed. A signed detour will redirect U.S. Route 59 traffic over Route 118 and Route 111 around the closure.

Not Started
Project completion

The exact completion date has not yet been determined.

I-29 bridge over US Route 59 in Holt County

Old Bridge

Both the old and new bridge decks will be 39.5 feet wide with 12-foot lanes

I-29 bridge over US Route 59 in Holt County plans for new bridge deck

New Bridge

The design team is looking at options to improve the vertical clearance under the northbound bridge. Several options are being considered which would slightly raise the bridge, slightly lower the pavement under the bridge or a combination of both tactics.





U.S. Route 59 under the bridge will be closed during construction for safety. A signed detour will direct motorists around the closure. (See map at right.)


Interstate 29 traffic will also be impacted. The construction will be staged with the bridge deck for one direction (northbound or southbound) replaced, then the other, to minimize the impact to through traffic. For example, if the northbound bridge deck is under construction, traffic will be head-to-head in the southbound lanes.


There may be brief closures of the interstate. Should interstate closures be necessary, through traffic could be redirected to the on and off ramps to have minimal impact on motorists, though delays would be expected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is MoDOT closing U.S. Route 59 during construction?

A. For safety during the construction of the new I-29 bridge deck, U.S. Route 59 traffic will not be allowed under the bridge.


Q. How long will U.S. Route 59 be closed?

A. The exact length of the closure has not been determined.


Q. What is the detour while U.S. Route 59 is closed?

A. A signed detour during the closure of is planned over Route 111 and Route 118.


Q. Why not build a bypass?

A. Based on the cost/benefit ration, building a bypass would not be a prudent use of taxpayer funds. A bypass also could have negative impacts and disruption to private property.


Q. Will you have to acquire any right of way?

A. At this time, no additional right of way will be needed.


Q. Who can I contact if I have further questions?

A. Questions about the project may be directed to Project Manager Joyce Reynolds by calling 1-888 ASK MODOT (1-888-275-6636) or by emailing Or you may ask a question using the form below.


Q. How can I stay updated on the project's progress?

A. Sign up for project-specific updates using the form below.

Project News

  • Community input needed for upcoming bridge project


    MOUND CITY, Mo. – Plans are underway to replace the deck of a bridge on Interstate 29 near Craig. The Missouri Department of Transportation is hosting both an online and phone-in public meeting to gather community feedback regarding the planned deck...

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