Historic Bridge--Wyaconda River Bridge

Bridge Location

County: Scotland

Road: Route C

Feature Crossed: Wyaconda River

Bridge Number: T0074

Other Location Information: 6.6 Miles Northwest of Memphis

Bridge Information

Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation

Type: 6-panel Pratt Through Truss

Length: 174' total length, 120' main span length

Year Built: 1936, approach span added in 1946

Builder: Vaughn Construction Company

Current Load Rating: Bridge is Closed

For further information, contact:

Tyler Holladay

Missouri Department of Transportation

P. O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102



Bridge T0074 is a 1936, 120’ six-panel, double-intersection, rigid-connected, Pratt through truss with a 49’ wide-flange girder approach span on the south end. The bridge is 174’ total length. The substructure is concrete abutments with wingwalls and a timber pile bent with concrete bent cap. The bridge has a concrete deck with asphalt wearing surface, concrete curbs and two-tier channel railing, and the deck has a 24’ roadway.

Vaughn Construction Company was the contractor who constructed the bridge in 1936. Originally, the bridge was constructed as a Pratt truss span and it did not have a girder approach span. The girder approach span was added in 1946 to address erosion issues caused by flooding of the Wyaconda River.

Bridge T0074 is recommended as eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) under criterion C for significance in the area of engineering, with a period of significance of 1936 and 1946. Although a late example of the Pratt through truss, it retains a high degree of integrity and is a good example of a surviving standard plan Pratt bridge. In addition, it shows the adaptation of the State Highway Department of an existing bridge as conditions at the site changed, by extending the bridge with a standard plan girder span.

MoDOT’s Historic Preservation Section is now accepting proposals for the relocation and reuse of the bridge or its components until February 1, 2021. A proposal checklist is available MoDOT’s Free Bridges website (http://www.modot.org/freebridges/). Preservation covenants may accompany the bridge.