Historic Bridge -- Shoal Creek Bridge

Historic Bridge -- Shoal Creek Bridge, S0639

Bridge Location

County: Livingston

Route: Route C

Feature Crossed: Shoal Creek

Other Location Information: approximately 1.4 miles NW of Dawn

Bridge No.: S0639

Bridge Information

Owner: Mo. Highways & Transportation Commission

Type: Pony Truss

Length: 178' total length; 100' pony truss span

Width: 20' roadway

Year Built: 1933

Builder: Amos Melberg, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Current postings: Posted at 17 tons and for centerline of bridge

For further information contact

Karen L. Daniels, Senior Historic Preservation Specialist

Missouri Department of Transportation

P. O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102



Description & Significance:

The Shoal Creek Bridge is a 1933, rigid-connected, 178’ long bridge with a 100’ Warren alternating verticals pony truss, and a 38’ wide flange girder approach span on each end. The truss has built up top and bottom chords and inclined end posts. The verticals and diagonals are plates and channels. bridge has concrete abutments and steel pile piers. There are steel girders supporting the concrete deck, which has timber curb. The bridge has two-tier channel railings.

Bids for projects SC-1 and SC-2 were received on March 4, 1933, project SC-2 included constructing bridge S0639. Amos Melberg of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was the low bidder with a bid of $26,271.97 for SC-2. The projects were awarded on March 21, 1933.

The bridge is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places under criteria A and C for local significance in transportation and engineering. The bridge is an example of the Warren all verticals truss subtype. The bridge is also associated with the development of the supplementary highway system during the Great Depression.

MoDOT’s Historic Preservation Section is now accepting proposals for the relocation and reuse of the bridge or its components until December 31, 2021. A proposal checklist is available MoDOT’s Free Bridges website (https://www.modot.org/free-bridges). Preservation covenants may accompany the bridge.