Historic Bridge -- Eleven Point River Bridge

Bridge Location

County: Oregon

Route: Highway 142

Feature Crossed: Eleven Point River

Other Location Information: approximately 1.5 miles SE of Billmore

Bridge Information

Owner: Mo. Highway & Transportation Commission

Type: Pony truss

Length: 304' total length; 120' pony truss span

Width: 20' roadway width

Year Built: 1957

For further information contact

Karen L. Daniels, Senior Historic Preservation Specialist

Missouri Department of Transportation

P. O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102



Description & Significance:

Bridge T0395 carrying Route 142 over the Eleven Point River is a 1957, 10-panel, Warren polygonal all verticals pony truss with a 48’ wide flange girder approach span on the north end and two 65’ wide flange girder approach spans on the south end. The bridge has a total length of 304’ and a 20’ roadway. The bridge has concrete abutments with wingwalls, concrete pile bents and concrete piers with web walls. The bridge has a 12’ channel railing.

Although this is a fairly late example of the Warren polygonal pony truss, the bridge enhances the aesthetics of the location over the Eleven Point River in the Mark Twain National Forest. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (Act) had not yet been passed when the bridge was constructed, but the scenic quality of the area was already recognized. When the Act was passed, the Eleven Point was one of the original Rivers, and includes this stretch of the river. Bridge T0395 is eligible for listing on the NRHP.

MoDOT’s Historic Preservation Section is now accepting proposals for the relocation and reuse of the bridge or its components until December 31, 2021. A proposal checklist is available MoDOT’s Free Bridges website (http://www.modot.org/freebridges/). Preservation covenants may accompany the bridge.