Historic Bridge -- Drainage Ditch #14 Bridge

Bridge Location

County: Mississippi

Route: Route 75

Feature Crossed: Drainage Ditch #14

Other Location Information: approximately 1 mile west of Anniston

Bridge Information:

Owner: Mo. Highways & Transportation Commission

Type: Pony Truss

Length: 60' truss span

Width: 20' roadway

Year Built: 1922

Builder: Roy L. Williams

Modifications: concrete deck in 1954

For further information contact:

Karen L. Daniels, Senior Historic Preservation Specialist

Missouri Department of Transportation

P. O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102



Description & Significance:

Bridge F0757 is a rigid-connected, seven-panel, Warren alternating verticals pony truss with built up top and bottom chords and inclined end posts, and verticals and diagonals composed of riveted channels and plates. There are I-beam stringers supporting the concrete deck. The deck has a 20’ roadway and curbs and drains. The bridge has two-tier channel railings.

Awards for Mississippi County projects 198A and 198B, which included several drainage ditch bridges, were awarded on December 12, 1922 to Roy L. Williams. Project agreements were executed on February 6, 1923, with an estimated completion date of December 21, 1922, and an actual completion date of February 25, 1923. Project 198 B included 14.841 miles of road with 9' concrete surface and 7' gravel surface, the bridges were constructed with a timber deck with a 20' roadway. In 1954 the bearings were replaced, it was redecked with concrete, and the road width widened 6", and the guardrails were replaced by project 55-7 awarded on March 10 to Paul Montgomery of Poplar Bluff.

The bridge is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places under criterion A for its association with the development of the Little River Drainage District (LRDD), the transportation system relationship to the LRDD and the evolution of requirements of the LRDD.

MoDOT’s Historic Preservation Section is now accepting proposals for the relocation and reuse of the bridge or its components until December 31, 2021. A proposal checklist is available MoDOT’s Free Bridges website (https://www.modot.org/free-bridges). Preservation covenants may accompany the bridge.