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Project Status

Project Milestones

Project Completed

This project, which updated several signals along Gravois Road, resurfaced the roadway and made adjustments to travel lanes in several locations, is completed.

What is the latest?

MoDOT updated signals along Gravois at several intersections. The work at Morgan Ford Road, Arsenal Street, Chippewa Street and Kingshighway Boulevard, Cherokee/Tennessee, Utah/Louisiana, Compton/Wyoming, Ohio/Lynch, California, Shenandoah/McNair, Russell and 12th/Geyer is complete. All of the updated signals will have detection and pedestrian countdowns. A future project will make additional updates to several other signals along Gravois.

As a part of this project, MoDOT made pavement repairs and resurfaced Gravois between the city limits and I-44/Tucker.

MoDOT also made a number of safety improvements along the corridor, based on discussions with residents along this section of Gravois, including continental or “zebra-stripe” crosswalks. The bold lines in the crosswalk make the crosswalk, and the pedestrians within the crosswalk, more visible to roadway users.

How will this help Gravois?

The road diet will help smooth the flow of traffic along Gravois. By removing left turns from travel lanes and reducing the number of lanes, there will be less difference between the speeds of the traffic along Gravois. The road diet between Christy and Chippewa and between Jefferson and I-55 gives pedestrians a shorter crossing at mid-block crossings, such as Itaska and Almenia. The shorter crossings and updated flashing warning beacons will help improve pedestrian safety.

With the road diet, MoDOT also added bike lanes on Gravois between Christy and Chippewa as well as between Jefferson and I-55. Those bike lanes connect to the neighborhood greenways.

Parking on Gravois remained as it was before the project began. 


What will not be done

Unfortunately, with limited funding, other projects that could improve the flow of vehicle (including transit and cyclist) and pedestrian traffic cannot be completed. We will continue to talk with the community and participate in conversations and planning study efforts for developing a vision for the corridor.