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Featured Projects

Cass County

I-49: Resurfacting from Route 7 to Route A/B, Bates County line.

I-49: Bridge improvements over Tennessee Creek and East Branch South Grand, 2.6 miles south of Rte. J, 4 miles north of Rte. 291. Project ends 0.5 mile south of 307th St.

RT A: Replace bridge over Black Creek, 0.4 mile east of Shipley Road and 0.9 mile west of Sliffe Road.

MO 2: Replace bridge deck over I-49 in Harrisonville, 1.2 miles south of Rte. 2 and 1.4 miles north of 275th Street. .

RT B: Bridge improvements over Lick Branch 0.9 mile west of O'Bannon Road and 1.2 miles east of Wagnor Road.

MO 58: Pavement, ADA Transition Plan and sidewalk improvements from Rte. D to Dean Avenue/Clint Drive in Belton.

Clay County

I-435: Improve congestion by replacing interchange with diverging diamond at Rte. 210 and adding a lane from Parvin Road to Missouri River bridge.
MO 33: Drainage and interchange improvements at 162nd St. in Kearney

I-35: Pavement improvements from Fishing River Bridge to Rte. 69/Pleasant Valley Interchange.

MO 291: Bridge improvements over Shoal Creek, 1.1 miles south of Ruth Ewing Road and 0.8 mile north of Rte. 210.

US 69: Pavement improvements from McCleary Road to Rte. I-35.

US 169: Pavement improvements from Barry Road to I-29.

RT DD: Bridge improvements at Wilkerson Creek, 0.1 mile from Lakeland Drive and 0.9 mile from Litton Road.

Route C: Drainage improvements and upgraded shoulders from Route 92 to Clinton County line.

Route 92: Pavement repairs and replacement from I-29 to Route DD into Platte County.

US 169: Interchange Reconstruction at Englewood

Tiffany Springs Road Bridge: Add new overpass on I-29 just north of Route 152

Jackson County

I-470: Bridge improvements at various locations from Blue Ridge Blvd. to I-70.

I-470: Install KC Scout dynamic message sign boards on I-470 NOB north of Woods Chapel Road and I-49 NB north of Red Bridge.

I-435: Bridge, pavement and corridor improvements from the Kansas State line to I-49. Design/Build project.

I-435: Pavement improvements from the bridge over Raytown Road to Rte. W, Bannister Road.

I-435/I-70: Interchange improvements that includes ramp improvements.

I-70: Pavement improvements from west of Sterling to the Rte. 291 northbound exit.

I-70 at PITTMAN/CRYSLER/PHELPS: Replace bridges at Pittman Road, Crysler Street, and Phelps Road over I-70, 1.3 miles east of I-435 and .96 west of Lees Summit Road.

Outer Road I-70: Drainage improvements at Stadium Maintenance Lot.

I-49: Pavement improvements from Blue Ridge Boulevard to 163rd Street.

US 71: Pavement improvements from I-670 to Swope Parkway in Kansas City.

US 50: Intersection improvement at Buckner-Tarsney Road with a partial J-turn.

US 50: Pavement improvements from Rte. RA to the Johnson County line.

RT 50: Interchange improvements at Rte. 291 South junction in Lee's Summit.

RT F: Bridge replacement with Diverging Diamond Interchange with ADA Transition Plan improvements over I-70 at Rte. F and Rte. H in Oak Grove, 3.1 miles west of Rte. Z and 3.8 miles east of Rte. BB.

DOUGLAS ROAD: Bridge improvements on Douglas Road over I-470 in Lee's Summit, .1 mile north of NE Missour Road and .1 mile south of Colbern Road.

EIGHTH ST: Bridge improvements at 8th, 9th, 10th and Chestnut over I-70, 0.2 mile south of Locust, 0.6 mile north of Paseo. East bridge is 0.3 mile west of Truman.

US 40: Install trench drainage to sidewalks at Rte. BB in Grain Valley and at Rte. 150 in south Kansas City.

US 169: Buck O'Neil Bridge rehabilitation over the Missouri River, 3.1 miles south of Rte. 9 and 0.1 mile north of I-70.

US 24: Erosion control repairs along Rte. 24 at bridge over Rock Creek.

RT 150: Interchange and signal improvements at Arborlake/Stoney Creek.

RT BB: Trench drains from Raytown Road to Horride Road.

Featured Projects


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Johnson County

RT W: Bridge improvements at Blackwater River, 0.3 mile south of County Road 200 and 0.6 mile north of County Road 100.

RT OO: Pavement improvements from Rte. M to Rte. 13 and on Rte. M to Rte. 50.

RT 23: Pavement and bridge improvements from Route DD to Route 2. Includes bridge replacement at Route DD.

RT T: Drainage improvements at County Road 400.

RT DD: Bridge improvements at Wilkerson Creek, .1 miles from Lakeland Drive and .9 mile from Litton Road.

Lafayette County

RT WW: Bridge improvements over I-70, 2.3 miles west of Rte. 131 and 3.4 miles east of Rte. D.

I-70: Replace exit signs and upgrade pre-built trusses on I-70 westbound in Odessa.

I-70: Replace bridges at Rte. E and the Rte. H interchange , 4.4 miles west of Rte. 13 and 2.8 miles east of Rte. O.

Pettis County

Route M: Bridge replacement Flat Creek.

Route M: Deck replacements on Breakfast Crk and Walnut Crk Bridges.

RT EE: Bridge improvements over Muddy Creek 0.1 mile south of Pin Hood Road and 3.7 miles north of Rte. HH.

US 65: Pavement improvements from Saline County line to Route 765.  

Platte County

I-435: Repair slide along I-435 south of bridge A3341 over Prairie Creek.

RT Z: Bridge replacement at Bee Creek, 0.1 mile east of Hackett Road and 0.3 mile north of Third Street.

I-29: Install fence from Barry Road bridge to south of 56th Street.

Ray County

RT 10: Pavement resurfacing, guardrail and shoulders from county line to Rt. C.

Saline County

I-70: Replace bridge decks at Rte. 65 interchange, 3.3 miles east of Rte. YY and 6.6 miles east of Rte. J.

US 65: Pavement improvements from west of Bus. 65 to Pettis County line.

RT BB: Bridge improvements over Salt Fork Creek 0.6 mile north of 260th Rd. and 1.3 miles south of the city of Grand Pass.






















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