Volume VIII, Issue I June 2019

June 2019

External Outdoor Advertising Interactive Map

MoDOT’s Outdoor Advertising has an interactive map where the public can view permitted sign locations. Click here to view the interactive map.


Vegetation Rules and Regulation - Threatened & Endangered Species Act

A permit is required to cut or trim any vegetation in front of any lawful Outdoor Advertising sign. In compliance with the Threatened & Endangered Species Act, cutting or trimming of trees that are considered suitable roosts for Indiana Bats and Northern Long-Eared Bats is prohibited from April 1 through October 31. Click here to view brochure outlining this information.

MoDOT Outdoor Advertising has experienced several staff changes over the past year. Joyce Musick retired as the Outdoor Advertising Manager after 32 years of service; and Jenny Hall assumed this role. Stacy Heckert has been promoted to Outdoor Advertising Specialist. We also welcome Michael Dixon as the Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist in the Northeast portion of the state; David Olson as the Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist in the Northwest portion of the state; and Deann Wieberg as the Senior Outdoor Advertising Technician.

We wish Valarie Minnick, former Outdoor Advertising Technician, and Melissa Schmitz, former Senior Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist, the best of luck as they assume their new roles with MoDOT as Transportation Planners. Click here to view the Outdoor Advertising Contact Map.

Missouri Highway Signing

Missouri Logos has been responsible for the administration and operation of Missouri Specific Service Signing (Logos) and the Tourist-Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) programs since 1991. Logos signs provide travelers with information on services available at each exit along Missouri’s Interstates and US Routes. TODS signing provide directions to various services and attractions off the interstates and highways. Click here to view more information regarding these sign programs.

Use Caution and Heed Closure Signs During Flooding

With flooding impacting roads and bridges across the state and more rain on the way, please remember that moving barricades or driving over flooded roads could be deadly. Travelers need to pay attention to all post- ed signs.

The phrase "Turn Around, Don’t Drown" is the best advice for motorists. Check the Traveler Information Map at modot.org before traveling, and always heed barricades barring travel across flooded roads. Read more.

Watch Out for MoDOT Mowing Crews

A sure sign of springtime: motorists will see tractor mowers near the shoulder of interstates and other roadways. MoDOT will start its annual mowing operations and is urging motorists to be on the lookout for slow-moving equipment. MoDOT mows about 400,000 acres of grass each year, which is equivalent to 300,000 football fields.

On rural two-lane roads, crews may use a protective "follow" truck to alert motorists they are approaching slow-moving mowers. Drivers are advised to use the following tips to safely pass mowers:

  • Be alert for trucks and tractors with lights flashing and moving slowly, 2 to 5 mph.
  • Slow down and focus on the road ahead of you. Do not talk and text on a cell phone or drive distracted. Buckle Up Phone Down.
  • Be prepared to stop or drive very slowly behind a "follow" truck, especially approaching a hill or curve on a two-lane road.
  • Obey the no passing zone stripes and only pass when you can see far enough past the "follow" truck to avoid meeting oncoming traffic.