Volume VII, Issue I April 2018

April 2018


Administrative Rule Review

Governor Greitens issued Executive Order 17-03 requiring each state agency to review its regulations in the Code of State Regulations (CSR). Outdoor Advertising and Junkyard regulations were reviewed to remove unnecessary restrictive language and needless burdensome regulations to make Missouri more attractive to businesses and encourage job growth.

Outdoor Advertising Booklet

Junkyard Booklet


Static Display Time for Automatic Changeable Display or Digital Technology Reduced to Eight Seconds

7 CSR 10-6.040 (4) outlines billboard permit requirements related to automatic changeable display or digital technology. Through the administrative rule review, the static display time for an automatic changeable display or digital technology was reduced to reflect the national standard of eight seconds.


Improved Provisions Relating to the Cutting and Trimming of Vegetation on Right of Way

7 CSR 10-6.085 provides for the cutting and trimming of vegetation under controlled conditions on highway right of way. Through the administrative rule review, revisions were made relating to the cutting and trimming of vegetation on right of way to allow the billboard owner to clear a billboard’s visibility zone by increasing the size of the area billboard owners are allowed to cut vegetation; increasing the duration of the vegetation cutting permit to one year; eliminating the fee to cut trees greater than or equal to six inches in diameter; and removing the waiting period to cut brush and trees. Please ensure you are using the new application with a revised date of 04/2018.


National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies (NAHBA) Recognizes MoDOT Staff at National Conference

MoDOT was recently recognized at the 2018 AASHTO Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control Conference.  MoDOT’s Transportation Planning Data Section received a Process Improvement Award from NAHBA for the improvements and updates made to the Federal Aid Primary-1991 Review and Route Inventory maps.   Joyce Musick, Outdoor Advertising Manager, received an Achievement Award for demonstrating operational excellence over the past twelve years within NAHBA’s National Outdoor Advertising Control Program Community and for her contributions and leadership in this highly-specialized regulatory arena.  Jenny Hall, Outdoor Advertising Specialist, was recognized for her involvement and continued support in maintaining NAHBA’s website and for her success in keeping state information up to date, which is the key to communication and the sharing of best practices.


National Alliance of Highways Beautification Agencies (NAHBA) 21st Annual

The 21st annual NAHBA conference was held April 22-26, 2018, in Baltimore, Maryland.  For more information regarding NAHBA’s conference or to view conference presentations, visit NAHBA’S website.


MoDOT Now Accepts Online Payments

In addition to major brand credit cards, MoDOT now accepts Electronic Bank Draft (E-Checks). Customers will need their routing number and checking account number.  MoDOT also now offers online payments for permit fees. Go to www.modot.org/fspay.htm to make payments 24/7.


Construction Season is Here!

Keep informed of road conditions due to weather or construction. Download the MoDOT

Traveler Information Map free to your mobile device. Please slow down in the cone zone!


Buckle Up, Phone Down

The challenge is simple: when you get into any vehicle, buckle up your safety belt. If you are a driver, put the cellphone down. Turn it off if you have to. Sign up yourself and challenge those you know at home, work, school or in your community to join you in buckling up and putting your phone down every time you drive! Please drive alert and distraction-free. Pledge to Buckle Up, Phone Down.