Volume II, Issue I - April 2010

Don't Barrel Through Work Zones

Motorists will again experience a good deal of road and bridge construction on Missouri Highways in 2010.  With highway construction comes the need to remind motorists to drive safely in work zones.  Drive smart in work zones to arrive alive.

Proposed Legislation Relating to Outdoor Advertising

Senate Bill 678 - Introduced by Senator Bray, Prohibits trivision, projection, digital, or other changeable copy technologies from being used on billboards.

Senate Bill 723 - Introduced by Senator Bray, Requires the State Highways and Transportation Commission to collect certain billboard fees to pay for the removal of billboards.

Senate Bill 746 - Introduced by Senator Griesheimer, Imposes various billboard standards to billboards adjacent to IS-70 and IS-44 during periods of interstate construction, and creates a new classification of conforming out of standard.

Nonconforming Signs

With the approaching storm season, please remember that repair of any deteriorated or damage nonconforming sign after the date the sign becomes nonconforming is prohibited.  All permit holders should contact their permit specialist in writing prior to making any changes to a structure.  For more information on nonconforming signs, please click here.

FHWA Digital Billboard Study

The study’s primary focus is the effect of commercial electronic variable message signs (CEVMS) on driver behavior.  Phase I identified and evaluated the most significant measures and issues involved and developed research methods needed to secure reliable data information.  Phase II is in process.

Owner and Landowner Updates

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to contact the ODA Permit Specialist with all landowner or ownership changes. This includes transfer information, address changes, and landowner updates. The owner on file will continue will continue to receive and be responsible for renewal fees until a transfer application has been successfully completed and processed.