Volume I, Issue II - July 2009

Traveler Information Map

See the future with MoDOT's improved Traveler Information Map.  MoDOT's popular Traveler Information Map has been improved. Now you can "look for the blue" to find roadwork that's scheduled for a future date.

Legislative Issues

The 2009 legislative session ended May 15th. Proposed legislation concerning Outdoor Advertising issues (SB 57, SB 124, and HB 433) failed to gain enough support to advance for passage into law.

Obtain State Permit Before City/County

Section 226.540(7)(a), RSMo. states, "No county or municipality shall issue a permit to allow a regulated sign to be newly erected without a permit issued by the state highways and transportation commission."  A MoDOT permit is required prior to applying for any local permit - state law precedes local ordinances.  Your MoDOT permit specialist will help direct you to the proper governing authority for the applicable permits. 

2009 Annual NAHBA Conference - Registration Deadline Approaching

The 2009 Annual Educational Conference on the Control of Outdoor Advertising will be held at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Missouri, August 9-12.

Did You Know?

  • Throughout the 115 counties in Missouri, approximately 12,000 signs are regulated over 17,054 miles of controlled routes.  ODA Contact
  • Adding to the stabilization of Nonconforming signs, or other strengthening devices is prohibited.  7 CSR 10-6.060
  • 1889 - The world's first 24 sheet billboard was displayed at the Paris Exposition and later at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The format was quickly adopted for various types of advertising, especially for circuses, traveling shows, and movies. Wikipedia