Volume I, Issue I - April 2009

MoDOT's Top Priority for 2009

MoDOT’S top priority for 2009 is to save 90 lives per year by strengthening Missouri’s safety belt law to allow for primary enforcement. Of the 500 Missouri traffic laws, the current safety belt law is the only one with a secondary provision. For more information on safety belt use and a primary safety belt law, visit the coalition’s website at SaveMOlives.com


Proposed Legislation Relating to ODA

Senate Bill 57—Imposes various billboard standards to billboards adjacent to IS-70 and IS-44 during periods of interstate construction, and creates a new classification of conforming out of standard.

Senate Bill 124—Prohibits trivision, projection, digital, or other changeable copy technologies from being used on billboards.

House Bill 433—Allows agri-tourism business to place advertising signage along the roads and highways of the state on private property or within the right of way of a road or highway.

MoDOT Hosts the Annual NAHBA Conference

We are pleased to announce the 2009 Annual Educational Conference on the Control of Outdoor Advertising will be held at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Missouri, August 9-12. As in past years, the conference provides outdoor advertising sign professionals with unparalleled learning and networking opportunities. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about best practices, share program challenges and hear solutions from federal, state, local and industry's leading professionals.

Cutting and Trimming of Vegetation

MoDOT permits the cutting and trimming of vegetation on the highway right of way which interferes with the effectiveness of or obscures a billboard; however a permit must be obtained prior to any work being performed. All trees are to be cut to ground level. Access must be from private property or outer roadways. 7 CSR 10-6.085

Did You Know?

  • Work Zone Awareness Week is April 6-10.
  • All permit holders should contact their respective ODA specialist in writing prior to making any changes to their structures. 
  • Changing the mode of advertising to a trivision, digital projection, or other changeable message sign is prohibited on nonconforming signs. 7 CSR 10-6.060
  • On a nonconforming sign, you cannot repair or replace 50% or more of the vertical supports within a 12-month period. 7 CSR 10-6.060